Frozen 2: New Full-Length Trailer, Cast Additions, New Song And Release Date

Frozen 2

Frozen 2 is just two months away from its premiere. And Disney is not leaving any chance to present the sequel as strong as it can. And why not, the debut Frozen movie brought in an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film to Disney and also made it the highest-grossing animated film till 2019. (The Lion King took over since)

The movie has no formal range of its audience. The fan-base ranges from the playing-age kids to the elderlies. Disney’s Frozen debuted six years back, and since then, the film has become the animated favorite of all who see it.

New Trailer For Frozen 2

Disney recently dropped a full-length trailer for the upcoming mega sequel. This trailer was quite more explaining than the previous teaser-trailers released. It also cleared that the sequel will be a lot darker and intense. The audience will see a new more shaded side of Elsa, using her powers of being the ice queen.

The trailer starts with young Elsa and Anna listening to the story from their father about the enchanted forest that met an untimely end. Cut to that, the trailer jumps in the present, featuring Elsa and Anna together again. However, Anna suspects Elsa has been acting strangely, as she then claims a mysterious voice has been summoning her northwards. Arendelle is not safe as well.

Elsa decides to go on the journey, and Anna insists her to join the voyage, along with the group including Kristen, Olaf, and Sven, to find out about Elsa’s magical powers. Unlike the debut movie, which consisted of mild action, Frozen 2 will have deadly action sequences whilst the journey. Also, as the trailer revealed, the group will reach to the enchanted forest, that they heard from their father in childhood.

Frozen 2: Cast Additions

From long, revelation has been made that some new stars will join the sequel. After that, news flashed that Rachel Evan Wood and Sterling K. Brown will join the sequel, but their character details were not opened. However, last month, Disney officially announced their joining on Twitter, along with their character details. Rachel will play Queen Iduna, mother of Elsa and Anna, and Brown will feature as Lieutenant Matthias.

Along with these two, the entire cast from the previous movie has returned. This includes Kristen Bell as Anna, Idina Menzel as Elsa, Jonathan Groff as Kristoff, and Josh Gad as Olaf.

New Song in Frozen 2

Frozen’s playlist has been tremendously appreciated by the critics and the fans as well. Also, the movie won an academy award that year for “Let It Go” as the Best Original Song, along with Best Animated Feature Film. And again, there are quite high hopes from the sequel to have another fantastic incoming. Previously, in an interview with Variety, co-director Jennifer Lee revealed that they have a new song that, according to her, is an evolution. Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez (who created Let It Go) have been working on that from long, and the new song came, which she loved.

Frozen 2: Release Date

Disney has scheduled the sequel to release on November 22, 2019. And just after its U.S. open, Frozen 2 will release simultaneously with the other Nordic versions in December.

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