Ghost Rider 3: Will “Ghost Rider” Ever Be A Part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe

Ghost Rider 3

Ghost Rider is a well known American superhero movie by Marvel studios in partnership with Colombia Pictures. Ghost Rider is a complicated superhero character who got his powers after exchanging his soul with the devil for saving his father’s life from incurable cancer. The movie was loved by the audiences and critics alike. Although the movie was box office hit but was not able to make a mark on box office yet its fans are still waiting for “Ghost Rider 3.”

Back in 2014, Nicolas Cage was asked by Collider during the promotion of ‘The Croods’ about the possibility of “Ghost Rider 3”. He said that it might happen but he doesn’t want to do anything with it. He said, “I think the ship has sailed in that one. At least with me involved. Personally, I am done. I have done what I had to do with that part. You never say never, but right now, today, I would say that I am done.” His statement is really heartbreaking for fans as he is not interested in Ghost Rider 3 because the previous the movies wasn’t a big success when compared to the current Marvel movies.

Ghost Rider 3

Marvel fans will know, Robbie Reyes is the one who portrays Ghost Rider in the Marvel’s TV series, Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D and not Johnny Blaze. It is highly unlikely that even if the Ghost Rider 3 happens, it will feature Johnny Blaze as the Ghost Rider in it. Furthermore, Marvel has all rights to the character and it has forfeited the right to use that character going forward. Maybe just like Lionsgate did it with the character ‘Punisher’ maybe Marvel is just giving time to the audience to let the Cage’s version of Rider fade away, while they plan to continue the story of the Johnny Blaze with some other young actor or maybe even reboot it.

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Possible Story Arcs for the Ghost Rider 3

In the same interview with Collider where Nicolas Cage said that he doesn’t want to be the Ghost Rider anymore, he also said that if the movie franchise is continued we may be able to see a female Ghost Rider. This caused a lot of fans think about the ‘Fear Itself’ storyline for the Ghost Rider 3. During the Fear Itself arc, Alejandra Jones becomes the Ghost Rider after Adam Warlock removes the curse from Johnny Blaze. But the freedom of Johnny Blaze causes him to be the ally of ‘Mephisto’ to save humanity from the dawn and later he acts as the mentor or trainer to the young lady as she finds out her powers are different from the previous Ghost Riders in many ways.

Ghost Rider 3

This arc seemed to fit perfectly into the MCU with the confirmation that Adam Warlock will be in the future of MCU. However, this arc will also cause Nicolas Cage to return back to the character of Johnny Blaze but not as the Rider himself but as her coach this time. It would be a perfect way to make the story work for Ghost Rider 3. Moreover, if compared to DC’s Wonder Woman. Marvel also needs a superhero movie with a woman in lead, it has been so long since the MCU is running but there has not been any single movie with the female lead.

The Release of Ghost Rider 3

The only way to make the Ghost Rider 3 story work is by making it into the MCU. Marvel studios is facing a tricky time bringing the story of a former stuntman motorcyclist who gives up his soul to become a hell blazing vigilante to the screen. Maybe Kevin Feige, the CEO of the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe can use the character of Ghost Rider in phase 4 of the MCU.

After the Infinity War storyline, many of the current Avengers are going to die and their actor’s contracts are also going to end by then. Therefore, Marvel will be going to need new superheroes to be a part of the Avengers Team. Marvel has already started to introduce new superheroes such as Doctor Strange, Spiderman, Black Panther, Ant Man, Wasp, and Captain Marvel. But they’re going to need many more of them, and it feels like the perfect time to introduce Ghost Rider 3 into the MCU.

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