Jack Reacher 3: Who Will Be Replacing Tom Cruise in the New Reboot?

Jack Reacher 3

Lee Child is yet to begin working on the new Jack Reacher 3. With the enormous popularity of the first two installments, Jack Reacher was definitely on the cards. (or thought so)
Fans felt that they would be soon watching Tom Cruise aka Jack Reacher back in action on-screen for the upcoming project. Despite the readers’ complaints about Tom Cruise’s height fans where very impressed by the way he portrayed Jack.

However, with increasing anguish from readers, Lee Child is ready to replace for the upcoming projects. Lee plans to come up with a new series, a reboot to the Jack Reacher. Readers and fans all over the world are pretty much excited to see this new development. Fans are wondering what will be the future of this Jack Reacher Franchise. It looks like a new Reacher world with a new face is soon to be released.

Jack Reacher 3: Why No Tom Cruise?

Readers were thrilled to know that the famous novel of Lee child “One shot” was being adapted into a movie. All this excitement was destroyed when Tom Cruise was cast as the hero. The problem was with the height. Fans couldn’t digest seeing Tom Cruise as a Jack Reacher.

According to the novels, Jack Reacher is 6’5″ tall and weighs around 210-250 pounds. In the novels, Jack Reacher is a hero with “hands the size of dinner plates.” Readers expected the character to be played by an actor with same physique. Even with excellent acting skills and performance Tom cruise was surely not on the minds of the readers.

Jack Reacher 3

Amidst the immense anguish about Tom Cruise playing the character, the movie was still a great success. With a small budget of $60 million, its box office collection stood at $218.3 million. However, fans were still not ready to accept Tom cruise. Lee Child defended Tom on numerous occasions.

He said that Jack Reacher’s height was all about showing him as an unstoppable force. It was utterly impossible to have an actor that looks like Reacher (as described in the novels). They aren’t any such actors, and it was always about the question of which actor has the talent and screen presence. Surely Tom was the right choice.

The franchise released Jack Reacher 2 based on the novel Never go back. Released in October 2016 this movie fared less. The film grossed $162 million at the box office and was a minor setback to the franchise. It was clear that fans and readers especially were not that impressed. So something had to be done.

Jack Reacher Reboot

Jack Reacher 3

Recently Lee Child announced a start over to the Jack Reacher with a reboot as a TV Series. In the interview with The Guardian, he explained the reason for the reboot. He told that his fans had sent him letters regarding the height of Tom Cruise and how he is not suitable for the role. In comparison to Reacher who is very intimidating and heavy, Cruise was no match. So he decided to restart the things with a much more compelling face.

With this Lee Child decided to stop Jack Reacher movies with Tom Cruise. And thinking of a complete reboot to the franchise. He is planning to take the series to an online streaming platform (Mostly Netflix). Also, with a new actor. About the choice, for the role, he asked the readers to suggest the right actor for the TV series. He wants to find the perfect guy to play the role of Jack Reacher.

Who would be the best as Jack Reacher?

Fans have been dealing with this question right from the announcement of the new series. It’s very tough to predict who will be roped in as Jack Reacher in the new series. It would be tough to see an A-list hero as Jack Reacher in a TV series. Here’s the list of top 5 picks for who would be best as Jack Reacher?

1. Dwayne Johnson

Jack Reacher 3

Interestingly about ten years back Dwayne Johnson also auditioned for the role. Many fans suggested him as a better replacement. Seeing this he came up with the tweet about how he loved the character and  auditioned for the role. He would be a perfect fit with a height of 6’4″

2. Liam Neeson

Jack Reacher 3
Taken 2

Liam Neeson would surely be in the list. He is famous for the Taken trilogy. He is a great actor and also an A-lister known for his action packed Films. Along with this, he is 6’4″ very near to Jack Reacher.





3. Hugh Jackman

Jack Reacher 3

Hugh Jackman reprising Jack Reacher would be great to watch. The X-Men fame actor with a height over 6 feet would be a good choice. Fans are missing him as the wolverine, and it would be great to see him as Jack Reacher.




4. Chris Evans

Jack Reacher 3

And what about Chris Evans. After his end of the contract with Marvel it is unclear about his next projects. It would be a treat to watch him play as an ex-US Army military police officer so much in similar to his character Steve Rogers aka Captain America.




5. Jason Momoa

Jack Reacher 3

If physique is the standard than Jason Momoa will surely be in the minds of fans. The Game of Thrones star would be a great choice. Jason Momoa has a height of 6’3″and will be more than what fans have expected. We have yet to see more of him and his upcoming project Dc’s Aquaman is quite promising.



So What will be the future of the Jack Reacher?

As it is a reboot, fans can expect to see a new face along with a new timeline. The seasons might be 10 to 12 episodes long and adaptation of each book. There is still no confirmation about who will be playing the character. Surely one with a height of more than 6 feet. Let us know in the comments whom you think should be the new Jack Reacher?

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Peter McConnell
Peter McConnell

Ben Affleck would be perfect for Jack Reacher.
He was amazing in The Accountant, and that was a similar role, yet far more complex, and he did it beautifully..

John Davies
John Davies

I believe Chris Hemsworth would be perfect for Jack Reacher both for his build, presence and his sense of dry one line humour usually before he does something violent.

Don Schlack
Don Schlack

When I heard there were Jack Reacher movies, I immediately had to get them. I was extremely disappointed with the choice of Tom Cruise. There was more Cruise, than Reacher, because Cruise is so into himself and it showed during the movie. I will continue to read Jack Reacher books, but will stay away from the movie versions.