New Movie of Jake Gyllenhaal and Carey Mulligan, “Wildlife” Trailer Released

A trailer of the movie Wildlife has just arrived from the Toronto International Film Festival. Paul Dano’s directorial debut and Carey Mulligan and Jack Gyllenhaal starrer movie was able to impress the masses with its trailer of the increasingly acclaimed period drama. The film is set in 1960’s era and follows the story of a nuclear family.

The movie is about a married couple’s gradual dissolution in the small town of Montana in 1960s. The story is a lot from the point of view of their 14-year-old son. The movie has gotten some praiseworthy reviews from the audience at the Toronto Film Fest. Wildlife is an adaptation of Richard Ford’s novel of the same name.

Before TIFF, the movie was first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and then it went on to the Cannes Film Festival. Wildlife received great reviews at all of the film festivals including Toronto International Film Festival. Wildlife is a subtle film which tells the tale of a family going through a breakdown when the wife realizes she needs to break free. The story of the movie leaves the audience quite enthralled and moved. The film shows the struggles of a dysfunctional family to maintain a sense of sanity and love.

According to the audiences at the TIFF, the performances of the actors including Jake Gyllenhaal, Carey Mulligan, and Ed Oxenbould are quite remarkable in Wildlife. The film takes the audience through a contemplative narration and revolutionary road style melancholy which latched them on to it. Apart from this, most of the reviews of the Wildlife are full of praises.

Paul Dano’s direction is as fine as an old scotch. The characters in the film tell the story without overpowering their performances. The movie does not spell everything for the audience and lets them judge the flawed and desperate characters. Paul did an excellent job on the film and made great use of the scenic beauty of Montana. The Wildlife releases on October 19th, 2018.


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