Now You See Me 3 – Benedict Cumberbatch Might Do Magic in Part 3

Now You See Me 3

Now You See Me 3 is one of the most anticipated movies since the second installment of this mystery-magic-thriller. Now You See Me 3 was announced even before the release of the 2nd part of this franchise and this represented the trust, makers have on this series. Rumors abound that a big star is going to join the cast of The Four Horseman, maybe as an ally or perhaps as a threat.

Now You See Me movies has always amazed its audience with its magic based storyline. The work on the story had started a long time ago, and the film is in production. Since Now You See Me 2 did not do so well as per the expectation, Makers want to leave no stone unturned to make this 3rd installment a humongous success.

The Cast and New Characters In Now You See Me 3

Now You See Me franchise always has a massive star-studded cast. Though according to some recent rumors, Benedict Cumberbatch is going to make a presence in Now You See Me 3. However, it’s not yet confirmed that “Sherlock” will make an entry to this franchise, but it’s still fascinating to imagine what part he would be playing.

Will he be the supervillain? Causing trouble to the Four Horseman and The Eye or a friend helping the Four Horseman out of a dead-end. Expectations of him being a villain are quite high as the previous parts also had a “British” villain. But! You never know, because this is what Now You See Me franchise is all about, You never know what’s going to happen.

Now You See Me 3

The main cast of the previous two movies will remain as it is for “Now You See Me 3.”

Mark Ruffalo will continue his role as Dylan Rhodes, the illusionist and an essential member of The Eye.

Jesse Eisenberg will play the character of J. Daniel Atlas; well! Who else can make the rain stop?

Woody Harrelson will pursue as Merritt McKinney because when you fight against a gang, you might need to hypnotize someone.

Dave Franco will be seen again as Jack Wilder, because, you might need to open some locks.

Morgan Freeman will resume his role of Thaddeus Bradley who introduces The Four Horseman to The Eye, and one can never forget the ending plot twist of the previous parts of Now You See Me, wherein 1st he ended as “Nothing” and in 2nd he ended as “Everything.”

Michael Caine will be sponsoring The Four Horseman as Arthur Tressler again.

Isla Fisher Won’t be a part of Now You See Me 3

Lizzy Caplan will continue her role as one of the Four Horseman as Isla Fisher has exited out of the series and she is not coming this time too. Isla Fisher had a near-death experience while performing a dangerous stunt for the film and she has decided not to be a part of this franchise anymore.

Director and Writer

Jon M. Chu will be directing Noe You See Me 3. Jon directed the second installment of this series, and he’s also known many great projects too.

Ed Solomon along with two new writers to this franchise will be framing the storyline. Gavin James and Neil Widener will contribute to the story and characters of Now You See Me 3 along with Ed Solomon. We expect nothing less, but a masterpiece of Magic and Mystery which will leave the audience awestruck.

Release Date

Lionsgate made no official announcements about the release of the film. However, it’s expected to release in 2019 considering the time gap after the announcement and production work.

It will be purely magical to see The Four Horseman doing good for Humanity again. We expect mind-blowing storyline and unforgettable scenes from Now You See Me 3.

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