Ryan Gosling to star in Matt Reeves’ solo Batman movie or not?

Ever since the news about Ben Affleck stepping down the cowl of Dark Knight because of his personal life, the possibility of anyone to be Batman has opened wide. Recently, Ryan Gosling was asked the question that how he would feel if he were to cast as Batman in the DC universe. His reaction to the question is one to watch.

Ben Affleck is reportedly in talks with Warner Bros. about his decision to call off the contract for his one remaining movie. Ben Affleck is an addicted drinker and is advised to be in rehabilitation for the time being. This would affect the shoot schedules of the superhero movies. If that is the case then Warner Bros should start looking for another actor to play the Batman and respect Affleck’s decision.

For a man who delivers dialogues for a living grew completely speechless by the question. The actor turned so awkward for the question that only words which came out of his mouth were. “I don’t know.” Could this question be so hard that Ryan couldn’t find a decent answer to it? Ryan Gosling was more than just shocked by the question.

At last, he added, “I don’t think anybody wants to do that. I don’t know.” Although there are a lot of actors who would love to play the Dark Knight of Gotham, Ryan Gosling do not seem to one of them. His repulsiveness to play the character may be because both Batman v Superman and Justice League failed to impress the critics.

There have been a lot of actors who could play the caped crusader in the live action movies after Ben Affleck in the DCEU. If not Ryan Gosling, Jon Hamm would be the ideal choice according to BossLogic. BossLogic has been behind several fan-casting which came true in the movies such as Henry Cavil for Geralt in ‘The Witcher’, and Brie Larson as ‘Captain Marvel’.


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