Suicide Squad 2: Total Reboot, A Whole New Cast, Release Date

Suicide Squad 2

The audience is eagerly waiting for the next Suicide Squad movie. The news is flashing up all around about DC Universe’s next collaboration of super villains in Suicide Squad 2. But this time, Suicide Squad is coming back with a total blast. Warner Bros. Pictures renewed the movie for another run.

Suicide Squad was an attempt to create a team of super villains by DCEU. According to the audience, the movie did justice and had an overall box office collection of $750 million worldwide. The movie also won an Oscar for best hair styling and make-up. However, it was terribly torn down by critics.

Suicide Squad 2: The Suicide Squad

Though the movie is a sequel to Suicide Squad, it’ll be completely different, according to the producer Peter Safran. He also added that the film would be called “The Suicide Squad” because it is a total reboot. Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy director and writer James Gunn will serve as the Director for the movie.

Suicide Squad 2: Idris Elba Takes Over Will Smith

Idris Elba-Suicide Squad 2

It seems like the creators are taking the reboot thing to a whole different level. Suicide Squad saw Will Smith as the leader of the evil team. However, Idris Elba take over Will and pursue Suicide Squad 2. He will play Deadshot, an expert killer.

Harley Quinn- Suicide Squad 2

Moreover, there are fewer possibilities that the remaining cast will reprise their roles in the upcoming movie. Only Margot Robbie has confirmed her reprisal as Harley Quinn. Her stand-alone movie, Birds of Prey, is already scheduled to release by Warner Bros. Furthermore, there are rumors that after his explosive exit from Suicide Squad, El Diablo (Jay Hernandez) would come back for the second movie.

Suicide Squad 2 Plot Details & Storyline

The total reboot movie will focus on applying more of DC essence to the film. According to Deadline, the movie will fetch more content from Jon Ostrander and Kim Yale’s 1980s DC comic. David Ayer’s Suicide Squad focused more on the New 52 version of the DC comics.

Furthermore, the movie will feature a superhero to fight against the supervillain team. And that seems somewhat sensible according to the plot. Suicide Squad saw the supervillain team competing against a more heinous villain. That portrayed them as the heroes, not villains.

As the entire movie will be brand new, some new characters from the comics, which were not seen in the first movie, will appear in Suicide Squad 2. According to recent reports, Ratcatcher, King Shark, Polka-Dot Man, and Peacemaker will join the sequel. Sorry!!! The Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad 2: Premiere Date

The pre-production work for Suicide Squad was due to start in March 2018, but there hasn’t been any news on that yet. Moreover, Gunn is ready to begin his collaboration with DCEU in September 2019. The filming work will begin in Atlanta, as per the reports.

Warner Bros scheduled the movie to release on August 6, 2021. The audience was expecting to see Guardian of the Galaxy 3 before Suicide Squad 2. With the release date scheduled, it seems like Guardians will take a bit long to come back.

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