Taken 4: What Are The Possibilities of The Sequel? Story-line, Release Date

Taken 4

Taken 4 is highly awaited by the millions of fans around the world as the trilogy now considered as one of the Hollywood classics. Liam Neeson starrer movie was released in 2008 and after that, it had a successful trilogy till 2015. Taken is a story of a retired CIA operative Bryan Mills who sets on an adventure in his films to rescue what is “taken” from him. After the second movie of the franchise, Liam said in an interview that, “I don’t think there’ll be a ‘Taken 3’. She [Kim Mills] can’t get taken again. That’s just bad parenting.” But still, the fans got the third part anyway.

Taken 3 ends with a scene where Bryan asks Whitaker’s character to stay in touch and then they exchange their e-mail addresses. Even though Liam Neeson emphasized on there being no fourth part to the Franchise, he and Forest Whitaker who plays a cop pursuing Bryan Mills in the Taken 3 said that “How great it would be if that’s actually the opening of the next movie.” Later in 2016 when Liam was again asked about his return as the character of Bryan Mills in Taken 4, he diplomatically answered that “There’s always… I think audiences go and see it and they like these characters, I mean, I’d love to do something with Forest again, and if it’s in Taken 4 scenario… great.”

Taken 4

The contents of the table for making Taken 4 are a lot. Moreover, the Taken movies have done a great business worldwide making around $930 million with an overall budget of $119 million. There is no denying that the movies were well received by the audience and the critics with a 58% rating at the rotten tomatoes and an 85% audience rating. It may not have convinced the producers to start the production of Taken 4, though it has convinced  NBC to order the prequel of the movie series in the form of a TV series. Vikings star is all set to act the young Bryan Mills. The series will follow the adventures of Bryan in his CIA operative days.

Plot Details of the Taken 4 According to Spoilers

According to rumors, the third movie of the series stated that Bryan’s daughter Kim is pregnant with a child, which gives the writers one more character to get “taken” away.  This theory says that Kim’s newly born child will be taken away from the hospital itself with a note from the kidnapper giving instructions to Bryan. This kidnapper will not be someone from the previous movies but he will one of the former team mate of Bryan.

This new guy was presumed to be dead after a mission which went horribly wrong by Bryan and he still lives in guilt for his life. After encountering this guy and learning about his survival, it will be into Bryan Mills’ hands to save the youngest member of his family.

When Can Fans Expect Taken 4 Release Date?

Unfortunately, there have been no official announcements regarding the Taken 4 release date, but some of the inside sources have said that Taken 4 is in the pipeline. Fans can hope for another sequel of this action pack movie in near future. Stay tuned for the latest updates and we will notify you about the release dates of your favorite movies.

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