The Predator Review: What Critics Say about the Reboot


Long awaited sequel to 1987 Predator is just released, and the fans of the original movie are too excited for it. The previous installments of the Predator series have been a great deal of disappointment for the original film. However, the fans have relatively higher hopes from The Predator. The Predator screened last night as a part of the Toronto International Film Festival. According to the attendees, the new generation of the alien hunter looks very promising.

The reviews of the movie are varying person to person as the film clearly isn’t perfect, but it also makes sure that the fans do not come back disappointed. According to a source in the Film Festival, The Predator is the best sequel to the original movie so far. The Predator is a fun, hyper-violent and a throwback to 1987’s action horror. The movie seems to be most close in tone to the Schwarzenegger’s Predator.

The movie is quite funny according to TIFF, Chris Evangelista. He says that there was a certain amount of humor in the movie which kept it interesting until the very end. The humor in the action-horror movie is not necessarily a bad thing if it helps the audience to enjoy the film. Although some of the ideas in the movie did not seem to be working at all, it does not affect the movie as a whole. Maybe not everyone will find The Predator as a good movie and will see it meh, but it is sure that no one will find it as unbearable as the previous sequels.

The predators are stronger, smarter and deadlier than ever before in the movie. The species have genetically enhanced themselves with DNA of other species to work in an otherwise non-habitable environment for them. The Predator is sometimes silly and shows us a lot from the original movie, but it is far from being boring. According to Variety, the film is “exhaustingly energetic mess in which a coherent plot and credible characters aren’t even on the cluttered menu.”

For the final analysis, it will highly depend on the viewer and their mental state, that they would enjoy the movie or not. The Predator is not over the top spectacle, but it does contain impressive deaths at the hands of the Predator. The movie is not exactly dark, violent, horror movie but it is undoubtedly entertaining and hilarious.

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