Toy Story 4: Plot Details, Teasers, Release Date & Cast Additions

Toy Story 3

Yee Haw!!! Woody, Buzz and the gang are finally coming back. The most awaited movie of Disney Pictures is right around the corner. Toy Story 4 is the next instalment of Disney and Pixar’s grand collaboration. Disney officially announced Toy Story 4 back in November 2014.

Its been nine years since Toy Story 3 amazed the audience with its perfect ending. The announcement for the fourth movie came as a surprise for the audience. Even after the announcement, the film saw so many ups and downs, continuous delay in schedule. But finally, the film is almost here and is ready for a grand premiere.

Toy Story 4: Teasers Out Now

Disney Pictures is yet to reveal a full-length trailer. However, they have released four teasers till now. The first teaser saw the gang enjoying the merry-go-round while Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now cover of Judy Collins played in the background. However, the teaser introduced a new character Forky in the movie. He is a piece of plastic cutlery (spork- spoon as well as fork) having pipe cleaners for arms. The merriment stops as he freaks out and yells “I don’t belong here” and then fly everyone away.

Introducing Bucky and Ducky

The second one featured the new characters of carnival toys, Ducky and Bunny. Jordan Peele gave his voice for Bucky and Keegan-Michael for Ducky. They express their enthusiasm for the newest Toy Story installment while relaxing for hours at a carnival stand. However, they were corrected by the real Woody(Tom Hanks) and Buzz(Tim Allen) as they were mimicking their favorites.

Bo Peep is Back

The sneak peek (The third one) after the Super Bowl 2019 excited the Toy Story fans even more. In that teaser, Bo Peep is seen with Woody. They were seeking for Buzz at a fairground. Buzz is however trapped as a prize on a carnival stand along with Ducky and Bunny.

When the real Bo Peep, Annie Potts appeared on Good Morning America, the cohost George Stephanopoulos tried to have some plot details from her. He asked if Bo Peep chose between Woody and Buzz (Toy Story 3 caught three of them in a sort of love triangle). To that, she replied that Bo Peep has made a choice now and thats the only thing she can reveal by now.


The fourth teaser was released by Annie Potts herself at the Good Morning America. That one is a flashback of a rescue mission of Bo Peep and Woody. They helped a lost toy trapped in a gutter in the yard with the help of their gang members.


Cast Updates: Who is Forky?

the very first teaser of Toy Story 4 brought the new character Forky in context. The character is played by Arrested Development and Veep star Tony Hale. Forky is a spork turned toy. However, he didn’t seem happy in the teaser as well as he is tired being a toy.

Toy Story 4

One megastar is also ready to set his foot in the Toy Story world. Keanu Reeves will join the movie series. His role is kept as a mystery for now. The news came out when our Buzz, Tim Allen came for an interview on The Tonight Show. The Matrix star also confirmed the news. He told that Pixar pitched the character to him and after some talks, he agreed on it.

What Will Happen in Toy Story 4?

Along with the teasers, the complete plot-synopsis of Toy Story 4 was released. However, there is no description of Bo Peep in the synopsis. The comeback of Bo Peep came into news after the release of the synopsis of the movie.

Woody will end up on an accidental detour which will unite him with his long-gone friend Bo Peep. That will happen when Bonnie takes the whole gang for a road trip with her family. By the end, they’ll realize that they are worlds apart as a toy, still thats the least of their worries.

When will Toy Story 4 release?

The movie has gone through so much since its announcement. The show-runners changed the plot of the film quite a few times as they were not satisfied with it. That resulted in the delay of the schedule. Even the premiere date of the movie got changed several times. However, those dates were filled by Cars 3 and Incredibles 2. Toy Story 4 is now scheduled to release on June 21, 2019.


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