Vampire Academy 2: What Producers Are Saying About The Release of Sequel

vampire academy 2

Vampire Academy 2 is the expected sequel of the movie which is an American fantasy comedy movie based on the novel of the same name and released in the year 2014 by Weinstein Company. The movie was directed by Mark Waters and starred Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry, and Gabriel Byrne. The movie was not able to create a much hype amongst the audience and unfortunately failed at box office. At a youtube channel, Polandbananas BOOKS a video was uploaded of the interview with Dan and Mark Waters at the Los Angeles premiere of the movie.

Daniel Waters, screenwriter of the movie said that he has already finished the first draft of the Vampire Academy 2 and it will be known as ‘Frostbite’. They also said that if the movie does well at the box office, Vampire Academy 2 a.k.a. Frostbite will get a green light from producers. Moreover, they also said in the same interview that, they have prepared a great arc for the Adrian (a character from the novel ‘Frostbite’) but they still have no idea who is going to play him in the sequel.

vampire academy 2

The movie, Vampire Academy is based on a 2007 novel and it had a sequel named ‘Frostbite’. Therefore it is very easy to predict the future of the story in the movie series. If the Frostbite “Vampire Academy 2” movie is going to happen it will revolve around Rose and the other Vampires being hunted down by Strigoi. To keep the students of the St. Vladimir Academy safe, guardians will be kept on high alert. There will be various attacks by Strigoi during the movie which will be countered by the students and the guardians together.

In the novel, a ski trip to a lodge takes place, the lodge is owned by a wealthy Moloi family, the family which is centrally targeted by the Strigoi.The story is mainly going to follow a love triangle between Rose, Dimitri, and Tasha. According to the novel, Rose will like Dimitri and Dimitri will also like her but Tasha will want him to be her guardian and her lover. Dimitri will accept her proposal at first but will end up with Rose at the end of the Vampire Academy 2 aka Frostbite. Just like Red 3 fans are quite excited about the sequel of the movie.

vampire academy 2

News about the Vampire Academy 2

The movie just made around $15.4 million worldwide against the $30 million production budget. As the movie was a big financial flop as well as a critical failure, all sequel plans for it were put on hold. There were no news or any update about the Vampire Academy 2 until the Waters Brothers said that a sequel is still possible. Only if enough fans gather to support a sequel and that may convince producers to invest in Vampire Academy 2.

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In order to gain enough fan support, a fund raising campaign was started with a goal of reaching $1.5million within a month. The campaign offered coupons and perks for the people who donated more than $10. Fans raised $100,000 in a single day. In addition to this, eBay auctioned the characters dresses from the first movie and various merchandises and accessories were sold to raise the fund even more. At the end of the month, the campaign was able to collect only $272,882 from the fund raising and the auctions, which was nearly only 17% of the decided goal. Therefore, all the Vampire Academy 2 plans were shut down the very next day.

Will Vampire Academy 2 Get a Release Date?

As exciting as it may seem about the Frostbite novel to be a movie adaptation as well, it is canceled by the producers for good. After the failure of the movie at the box office and the failure of the fund raising, the movie was shut with all hopes. Stay tuned if there is a news regarding Vampire Academy 2 we will notify you.

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