Venom 2: Filming Started Reportedly, Tom Hardy Mistakenly Made The Announcement

venom 2
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The fans are expecting a lot with the upcoming Venom sequel. For the next symbiote movie, Venom 2, the fans are getting desperate day by day. They need to know all the details related to the sequel. Tom Hardy starrer Sony’s Venom received the renewal for its second run drastically soon after its release in 2018. And just now, some news regarding the filming of the sequel came in, thanks to the die-hard fans of Venom.

Tom Hardy Posted From Set Of Venom 2

Venom 2

Today only, the star of the Venom, Tom Hardy, took to his Instagram handle to share the good news. The filming for the sequel of Venom has started today. However, Hardy deleted that snap of him in a while after posting it. Although some of the fans have the eye of the eagle and took a snapshot of their favorite star beginning the filming on Venom 2.

Venom 2

However, he posted two photos on his Instagram account. Another one was of a cute little dog, captioned ‘the first day at work good luck mate.’ And both the snaps got deleted just after some time. Why?


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Meanwhile, Hardy later posted another photo of the same cute dog. And a second post of him featured a Venom-related kind-of illustration, complete with a flicking tongue. But both the pictures lacked the captions as the previous ones had. 

Sony Producer On Venom 2

Previously, Sony Producer Amy Pascal teased the fans about the upcoming Venom sequel. As she stated, “I can say that Tom Hardy will be back, magnificently playing his character as no one else can.” This time, Venom will be standing against Cletus Kasady/Carnage and also his love interest, Shriek. Woody Harrelson will feature as Carnage along with Naomie Harris as Shriek in the sequel.

Also, Ruben Fleisher (Ex-Director) discussed the confrontation of two arch-nemesis, Venom, and Spider-Man in an interview. As per Fleisher, they will confront each other, and that crossover is where it’s all going to lead. However, Andy Serkis is serving as the director for the Venom sequel so that things might get change this time. For more updates on Venom 2, stay tuned. 

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