Venom 2: Tom Hardy Co-Writing The Script, Filming in Fall, Michelle Williams’ Return & More

venom 2
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Tom Hardy starrer Venom received the renewal for its sequel drastically soon after its release in 2018. With Venom 2 incoming, the fans are getting more desperate to know every tiny detail related to the sequel. Sony Pictures were in search for a new director for the new movie, and it seems like they finally got one.

Ruben Fleischer directed the debut Venom movie. However, he is not returning to work again with the sequel. After taking into consideration various filmmakers. Sony finally landed on Andy Serkis (Mogli) to direct Venom 2.

Andy Serkis has been recently signed to take over the director’s chair. The actor-director announced the good news through his official Twitter handle. The tweet itself showed his enthusiasm for this project, as he seem pretty exciting, holding the actual Venom comic book.

Tom Hardy Will Be Writing Venom 2

The newly appointed Director Andy Serkis also revealed that the star of the movie, Tom Hardy himself is participating a lot in developing the sequel. The director unveiled this big news at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour.

Venom 2
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According to him, Hardy is intimately involved in the writing of the script of Venom 2 and is working closely with screenwriter Kelly Marcel. Serkis also made clear that the story for the sequel will be entirely drafted by Marcel (who also co-wrote the first Venom movie) and Tom Hardy.

Venom 2: Production in Fall 2019

The sequel is just in its development phase. Therefore, it will take some time actually to set its ground and start its filming work. Though, as per the reports, the production work for Venom 2 would likely begin in the fall of 2019. And with this much engagement of all the people involved in the movie, including Tom Hardy’s, the filming work for the sequel will begin soon.

Michelle Williams Officially Returning

Eddie Brook’s ex-wife, Anne will also return in the sequel. Actress Michelle Williams herself confirmed the news to Yahoo. Not just this, she also praised the newly appointed director Andy as he is also on board for Venom 2. As she stated, She is such a fan of Andy’s work, and also inspired by what he can accomplish.

Venom 2
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Meanwhile, Michelle also expressed her desire for the return of She-Venom in the sequel. The actress also hopes of getting equal time with She-Venom.

Venom 2: Premiere Date

The sequel did not receive any official premiere date by Sony Pictures yet. However, as per Sony Pictures, October 2, 2020, is a date scheduled for an untitled Marvel sequel. And Venom 2 is the only movie that can fit in as a Marvel sequel. Though the fans need an official announcement for the premiere of the sequel.


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