90 Day Fiance: Are Larissa & Colt Still Together Despite The Rough Patch?

90 Day Fiance

The 90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson has been in the news for cheating on his partner Larissa. After the famous public apology on Instagram, Colt has left fans wondering about his relationship status with Larissa. He was allegedly caught chatting up with other women on Tinder and planning meetings. On accusing, he laid it off with the ‘I was bored’ excuse. Has Larissa found the heart to forgive his cheating behavior? Let’s find out.

Even though the season 6 finale hasn’t aired yet, the fate of the on and off couple might have been revealed. Larissa and John fired back at the critics for spreading explicit pictures of John. The internet trolls crossed a limit when they sent it to Colt’s mom. Larissa, coming to Colt’s rescue claims that the pictures aren’t of him and this is merely a ruse. Even then, the images are being spread throughout the internet like wildfire.

90 Day Fiance Couple Hits Back

Despite the cheating behavior of Colt, Larissa has been active in defending his honor. It seems though they have put the destroying behavior of Colt on hold unless they tackle this situation. Colt posted that what is happening to him is basically a crime. Releasing someone’s explicit images or videos without permission is punishable by law.

He directly addresses the followers stating that they should focus on becoming better individuals instead of trying to find new ways and means to humiliate other people.

Colt Firing Back Social Media Trolls

This is not the first time Colt has decided to take a step forward in an attempt to mum trollers. Earlier he stated that he wishes to tackle his relationship issues privately. Although some stubborn haters just wouldn’t let go.

Out of fury, Larissa searched for a picture of the smallest penis and leaked it as her husband’s to prevent random women from contacting him. Despite the cover-up, the fans just won’t stop pestering them with trolls.

90 Day Fiance: Current Relationship Status of Colt and Larissa

Despite Colt’s indiscretions, the couple is making an attempt to fix things and resolve the problems. This is evident from Colt’s video in which Larissa flirts with him as she opens a Christmas present. He also wishes his fans a happy holiday with lots of love. He accepts his mistakes and prays that this incident makes him a better person.

Larissa’s recent Instagram stories revealed that the couple is up and close and cuddling. In another Instagram image, Larissa was seen wearing a sexy red dress with Colt and some of their friends. It did seem like a fun and fancy outing. This is definitely a surprise after 19th December post in which Larissa accused him of flirting with other women and using her. She stated that she is heartbroken and destroyed over Colt’s behavior.

What do you think is going to be the fate of the couple giving mixed signals all the time? Let us know in the comments below.

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