’90 Day Fiance’: Cast of The Current Season Surprises With Little Bundles Of Joy

90 Day Fiance

With so much drama and relationship politics going on in the latest season of 90 Day Fiance, there is little room left for beyond couple talks. Even though, the current season cast has come up with wonderful surprises. According to the news, there are three little kids on there way. Although two have been confirmed and are definitely the real deal. Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani Faagata announced the good news on an episode whose filming was complete months ago.

Even though the other couples have not given an official confirmation, we have dug up some information behind the scenes to satisfy the fans’ curiosity. Let’s take a look at the 90 Day Fiance latest baby buzz!

Are Colt Johnson and Larissa Christina Bringing a Baby Into The Picture?

With uncertainties skyrocketing among the couple, fans are wondering whether a baby is going to save the day and make the couple work out their differences. After Colt been allegedly accused of cheating on Larissa, this news is kind of difficult to digest. With her arrest, Colt’s inclination towards random women on Tinder, an apology to Larissa on Instagram, the couple has surely been on a roller coaster ride in the name of their relationship.

When Colt teased the possibility of Larissa’s pregnancy on Instagram, fans asked whether they are working things out because of a baby. Although he made it clear that he preferred having more cats over babies. But maybe the star changed his mind to save his marriage. After all, with all the cheating revelations, he has to take an initiative to make amends. Fans have to wait for a while to know whether this one is true!

90 Day Fiance: Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani Faagata’s Baby

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Asuelu’s first time sledding & building a snow man!🌲❄️☃️❤️

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If we look at their Christmas posts on social media, the couple looks happy and in love. Even though the pictures were out in the open, spotting that cute baby bump hasn’t been an easy task. She is all wrapped up in winter clothing which makes it difficult to identify a bump.

But everything came out in the open when she confirmed the good news on the TLC’ 90 Day Fiance. She also wishes a merry Christmas to her husband and little Oliver.

Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova’s Surprise Pregnancy

We are already aware of Steven’s GoFundMe campaign in which he seeks the help of fans for supporting the young couple’s family. According to the spoilers, if there is another baby on the way, the campaign is definitely going to be a helpful way to match all the extra expenses. Even though they haven’t officially confirmed the second pregnancy, fans have it in their speculations.

While the latest season airs, the show’s stars are bounded by a confidentiality contract. It limits what they can publically reveal about their personal lives while the show is on. But social media doesn’t conceal everything, right? Right now, fans have to make their peace with one confirm and two rumored pregnancies.

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