90 Day Fiance: Eric And Leida Files Complaint Against Tasha, Tania To Prevent Her Daughter From Living With Eric

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance currently sees its stars Leida Margaretha and Eric Rosenbrook in trouble as she has been accused of bullying Eric’s youngest daughter and it can result in losing custody for Eric’s daughter. Tania, the ex-wife of Eric, blamed Leida of bullying her 11-year-old daughter Jennica Rosenbrook and she asked the police to prevent her daughter living with Eric and Leida. Also, Tasha will bring up more drama.

Tania To Prevent Her Daughter Living With Ex-husband

Baraboo Police Department Officer Carl Ustupski received a report by RadarOnline on December 6 which stated that Tania reported, “her other child does not want to stay with Eric anymore because Leida belittles the child and makes fun of her.” As per the court’s decision, Tania has a verbal custody arrangement with Eric, not a formal one. But, she can prevent her daughter living with Eric citing Leida’s bullying behavior. The officer also explained, if Tania prevents her daughter meeting Eric, he would then take Tania to court to get the rights of formal visitation.

Moreover, on 90 Day Fiance, Eric’s ex-wife doesn’t want to allow Eric and Leida access to her property. To this officer said, “I advised Tania that she needs to contact the law enforcement agency where she lives and inform them on what is going on and her wishes about Eric staying off her property.”

Eric And Leida File Police Complaint Against Tasha

Tania reached the police station with her eldest daughter Tasha against whom Eric and Leida filed a police complaint of harassment. According to Eric, Nataszia aka Tasha has been posting on her social media accounts to damage Eric and Leida’s reputation. However, the police officer wrote that in her postings, Tasha didn’t mention Leida by the last name. Eric believes that it is defaming his character.

On the other hand, the social media platform Instagram deleted Leida’s account over reports of alleged harassment earlier, but Instagram restored it later. The couple accepted that Leida did it in response to Tasha’s posts. So, the couple is just as guilty as Tasha Rosenbrook. Following this report, Eric and Leida filed another report related to death threats. However, Eric didn’t want a formal investigation against Tasha.

90 Day Fiance – Tasha Too Wants A Police Complaint

Not only Eric and Leida, but Tasha Rosenbrook too wants to lodge a police complaint stating that her father Eric and Leida post degrading and defaming things on social media and this has been bothering her mentally. Their post sheds a negative image of her. Tasha asked the police to make Leida and Eric remove those comments.

The police officer told Tasha that there is an entitlement of freedom of speech. The same he said to Eric and Leida. The officer also informed Tasha that she is “just as guilty of possible defamation as Eric and Leida are.” Stay tuned to us to know the spoilers of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance.