90 Day Fiance: Fans Criticizing Steven & Olga Over GoFundMe Campaign

90 Day Fiance

Financial troubles. How exasperating can they be, right? The common masses can relate pretty strongly. But when it comes to celebs, no one really seems to connect the dots here. After all, they are the idols of riches, right? Well, not in every case.

Unless money issues hit the famous 90 Day Fiance couple Olga Frend and Steven, it was all going well. The couple approaching their fans to seek financial help and donations for their infant’s expenses and paying pills has gotten mixed reactions online.

Russian-born Olga is responsible for creating the GoFundMe fundraiser page. On 20th December, Thursday, Steven took to the crowd-funding website seek to raise approximately $ 15,000. Steven feels that they are facing tough times. And in this time of trauma, they need to take drastic measures. According to him, he is doing a great job attempting to get his life back on track at the age of 21.

The Struggle of 90 Day Fiance Stars Olga and Steven

According to Steven’s statement, Olga will be unable to work for quite an extensive amount of time. In the meantime, he has found a job opportunity of an apprentice Fire Sprinkler Installer with a four-year-long training. Currently, the pay is $16 per hour which might not suffice right now. But it is going to go well in the time to come. Moreover, he is going to get a raise every 6 months if he does a great job!

He welcomed their first kid at the age of 21 with Olga. Steven says he has registered for college and is going to modify his schedule accordingly. It won’t take him less than eight years to attain expertise in the field of his choice.

He says that it is not a simple task to manage a family of three at this age. Even if it means asking their fans for financial aid, he is managing to keep the nest intact. Although despite their situation being tough, not all fans took the GoFundMe campaign well.

’90 Day Fiance’ Stars Face Backlash Over GoFundMe

Despite the fact that they started the campaign for a good cause, the audience did not refrain from passing their criticism to the couple. Soon after the launch of the campaign, the stars started to receive negative comments online.

However, Steven stood in defense of his fundraising decision. He mentions that paying their monthly bills, student loans and bearing the expenses of a newborn alongside can be tough in a place like Maryland.

He also answers the haters by comparing his initiative to the camo gigs of his co-stars. He pointed out that people considered it okay when these stars don’t need money.

GoFundMe Campaign Going Well!

Despite hatred and criticism, within four days the couple was able to acquire $ 4000. He thanks the fans and assures them that he is going to save the money in a separate bank account. They are not going to spend a single penny for personal wish-fulfillment.

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