90 Day Fiance: Jay’s Bail Hearing On 16th July, Will He Get Deported?

90 Day Fiance

As 90 Day Fiance fans already know, Jay was in the police custody for violating the PFA by Ashley. However, the judge dropped the charges. Since then, he is under the custody of the ICE. His bail hearing is scheduled for today. Fans are eagerly waiting for what is going to happen. Kayla launched a GoFundMe campaign for her friend Jay, and it’s going well. Let’s take a look at some other events.

90 Day Fiance: Hearing After Extended ICE Custody

Jay has been in the ICE custody longer than expected. Originally, the hearing was supposed to happen on 10th July. Later, they shifted the date to 17th July. However, according to an official document, the hearing is on 16th. Kayla has been Jay’s supported since the day the ICE took him into custody. She has revealed details about how the reality TV star has been doing in captivity.

How Has Jay Been All These Days In ICE Custody?

Kayla, Jay’s friend and the starter of the GFM has revealed how the Jamaican reality star has been doing in captivity. According to her, they have been holding him like a prisoner for so long. Kayla is trying her best to prevent her friend from getting deported. She met him in jail and revealed that he is holding up as strongly and positively as he can. Jay has managed to remain calm and composed during this entire time. He appreciates the help and support of his family and friends. Jay has been managing to read as many books as possible and making necessary phone calls whenever he can.

According to Kayla, Jay has been depressed. However, he is putting on a brave face. She calls his punishment unfair and says that Jay doesn’t deserve this. In the meantime, Jay’s sister has made some shocking revelations about Ashley. Moreover, Ashley has shown some aggression when she threw a fire extinguisher at Jay’s window. Do you think this could help his case? An immigration lawyer suggested that if Jay proves that Ashley is being abusive, there is a possibility to prevent deportation. If this is the case, it could be a game-changer.

90 Day Fiance: How Did Jay End Up In This Mess?

After the second time Jay cheated on Ashley, she kicked him out of her house. It was all too much to take for her. So, she went on a vacation. But while she was away, Jay broke into her house. She called the cops on him, and they instructed Ashley to file for a PFA. She did as they said, and the police told Jay not to talk about Ashley and the PFA anywhere. However, he violated the conditions the very next day by revealing the news of the PFA on Instagram. He had to turn himself in for violating the order. The judge dropped the charges, but they handed over the case to the ICE. Since then, Jay has been in their custody.

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