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'90 Day Fiance': Larissa's Assault Trial Is Going To Be On TV

90 Day Fiance
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  1. Nana says:

    Colt is a closet freak and abuser they always say watch out for the quite ones!! The way he carries himself and acts so calm and creepy all the time is just gross!!! I have been abused for many years and when you have to fight for you life then it’s justifed and with his colt up his moms butt all his life of course she gonna say Larissa did everything !!!! He didn’t even get her a cell phone he got her wedding dress at good Will and he even said if she worked her money would go into his and his moms account like wtf.??? Control colt just controlled everything Larissa said and did and I believe the only time she ever could say anything or get help is when the show went into the house and by then it made her look like the crazy one cause she wanted to stay in the USA but yet was screaming for help!!! Colt doesn’t fool me and I sure hope he doesn’t fool any of you! Even if Larissa had a big mouth and yelled that doesn’t give anyone the right to hit her or treat her like his hole family did…that one time they had that bbq at his house and his cousin came with his wife his cousin started the hole crap with Larissa calling her names and pushing her and Colt sat there like the freak he is not saying a word or even sticking up for her which made him a piece of crap 💩!,,, never once did he stick up for her ever and if I was Larissa I’d feel the same damn way and their is nothing more lonely than being in a Country alone with no one who has your back!!! Leave her alone and let her live her life away from that MONSTER COLT and his EVIL MOTHER hmmm Larissa was Cinderella just with no evil sisters!

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