’90 Day Fiance’: Tom Brooks Recruit Season 7 Cast For MLM, After Tell-All Party?

90 Day Fiance

We know how much chaos went on when Jesse Meester came to the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Tell All. He came even though he wasn’t a part of that season. Moreover, Angela defended his presence and got into a huge altercation with Avery and her mom. Rebecca was also a part of the drama, and we saw her siding with Avery.

Speaking of unneeded appearances, Tom Brooks recently made an appearance in the 90 Day Fiance Season 7 Tell All after party. We saw a picture of him and Syngin hugging. He is apparently involved in a cosmetics and coffee MLM scheme. Since then, fans have been wondering whether Tom was there in the after-party just to recruit for MLM. Let’s take a look.

90 Day Fiance: Tom Didn’t Come Home Empty-Handed

According to @Fraudedbytlc, it looks like Tom didn’t have to go home from the party empty-handed. He is likely to have successfully recruited Syngin. So, there it is. At least one cast member got recruited. According to some sources, Syngin and Tania are married and are still together. The coffee they are selling has a magic ingredient. The extraction happens with the help of mushrooms. However, the credibility is still under the bad radar.

The ingredient isn’t FDA approved, and the verification of the healing abilities of the substance is unverified. This also seems to go well with Tania practicing to be a witch doctor. However, considering that FDA approval is absent in this case, there can be some major health risks from the consumption of this coffee.

90 Day Fiance: MLM Is Not Illegal

Unlike pyramid schemes that have robbed most people financially, MLM is not illegal. Another reality star promoting this is Meri Brown from Sister Wives. She is associated with LulaRoe. We have seen Tom coming into the bad books of people after they got suspicious of his ultra-luxurious lifestyle. Back in October, he had to face a lot of backlash from fans for his fakery.

90 Day Fiance

According to sources, Tom stole pictures from other Instagram accounts and posted them as his own. He also took random pictures from the internet to post on his account. Even though his fakery isn’t confirmed, the suspicions are still in the minds of people. But it seems like Tania and Syngin certainly fell for the bait if it was one.

Tom and Jesse both have been associated with Darcey. The interesting thing to note is that both have made unexpected appearances, be it the Tell All or the Tell All after-party. Apparently, they seem to cry on each other’s shoulders, talking about how nasty Darcey was. Stay tuned for more 90 Day Fiance news.