90 Days Fiance: Which Couples Are Still Together After Season 6?

90 Day Fiance

The road down the aisle is not always a bed of roses. The couple who is not able to overpower the hurdles succumb to splitting and ultimately divorce. Although, on a more positive note, there are incredible pairs who would face any obstacle and stand intact despite adversity. 90 Days Fiance is a show that has offered mixed insights into married life.

Fans of the show are excited to know which couples are still together after the sixth season of the show. Although it is possible to rummage through your favorite reality show couple’s Instagram account, it doesn’t offer many fruitful insights regarding their relationship status. Well, not unless we really dig deep into it. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at who made it through.

Couples Who Made Through 90 Days Fiance Season 6 Together

1. Steven and Olga

90 Day Fiance

Speaking of commitment, how can we skip the couple who is ready to run a family together at such a delicate age? Steven, 21, recently started a GoFundMe campaign in which he asks for the help of their fans in helping them pay their bills and take care of the baby. The seriousness with which he is trying to take care of Olga, the baby, and his studies is highly commendable.

2. Kalani and Asuelu

90 Day Fiance

If a couple shares holiday pictures on Instagram, we can take the hint. Kalani and Asuelu have been vacationing with family and posting cute pictures on their social media handles. This is a strong indication of the fact that they are still together.

3. Leida and Eric

Be it kissing pictures or vacation photographs, Instagram has satisfied the curiosity of fans. Their happy ride through the snow on a moped says it all.

4. Jonathan and Fernanda

90 Day Fiance

The wedding photoshoot pictures on Instagram reveals that these two have tied the knot and are happily married. They also took a trip to New York and can be seen enjoying their hearts out.

5. Ashley and Jay

90 Day Fiance

Jay’s caption on the picture the couple shared in front of a Christmas tree reveals how deeply they are in love. Moreover, there Instagram pictures after the show reveal that they are far from being history.

6. Larissa and Colt

Despite their differences on 90 Days Fiance Season 6, it seems like these two are not the type of couple who easily gives up. Colt recently posted an intimate picture on Instagram saying that he loves Larissa and is ready to fight for the relationship.

With all the drama unfolding in the 6th season of the show, it was a bit tough to tell who would make it to the aisle. Americans falling madly in love with foreigners might be a rare phenomenon in real life. But on this show, the concept has blossomed in ways the audience can’t imagine. The amazing lovebirds who have made through have offered us some serious relationship goals. So, did you like the walk down the memory lane of 90 Days Fiance? Let us know in the comments below.