Alone Season 6 – Confirmed, Release Date, New Location and Plot Twists

Alone Season 6 - Isolation

The American reality Television Series is coming with Alone Season 6. History TV has made an official announcement about season 6 of Alone. Also, according to executive producer Shawn Witt, Alone Season 6 is in the process since June 2018, that he told Reality Blurred. This news has uplifted the joy and excitement in the fans of the series. Alone new season is expected to be packed full of adventure and fun, considering the drama in the Season 5 finale.

This reality show revolves around the struggle of 10 participants. These contestants try to survive in the wilderness for as long as they could with limited resources. They can “tap out” any time to get out of the show, or they can be eliminated if they fail in medical check-ups. Prize money of the show is $500,000. The concept makes it a delight for its viewers and prize money motivates the contestants to extend all their limits.

Expected Premiere Of Alone Season 6

Alone Season is a much-anticipated and as said by Shawn the show is in progress since June 2018. Typically, a season stretches for 2 to 3 months before getting a winner. After that the editing of self-documented videos of contestants takes place. Considering all this in mind, we expect that there’s still a lot of work to do on the season 6 of Alone.

According to the Facebook page of the Casting company of Alone, Casting began in February 2018. Shooting started in June 2018. So, its most likely that the Alone will premiere in June 2019. Previous Season was also released around the same time this year.

What Can We Expect From Alone Season 6

New Location

We can expect New Location for Alone Season 6. The fifth season was shot in the wilderness of Mongolia. Shawn Witt said in an interview with Reality Blurred that the season 5 shot in Mongolia was their most expensive season. Clearly, they will try to shoot in some other location.

Alone Season 6 - Isolation

Vancouver Island or Patagonia will be the best choices for the makers. Three seasons of Alone were shot in Vancouver Island and one in Patagonia. However, makers can shock the viewers by an entirely new destination. Witt also added that finding a location for Alone is tough because we have to make sure that the land comes with enough supplies.

Transylvania has always been in mind of the makers. However, it is not an ideal location because there’s not enough land. Witt said that he always wanted to do a season in Transylvania, but it does not have enough land and resources.

No Second Chance of Winning This Time

In Alone Season 5, makers brought some viewers’ favorite contestants back. This is to provide them with another chance to win the grand prize money, and also to make viewers happy with their favorite contestants. As this happened in the previous season, we can expect that Alone Season will consist of all new participants. It will be interesting to see new faces fighting against the “abnormal” conditions.

No Pairs for Season 6

In Season 4 of Alone, in place of individual participants, there were teams. This is less expected to happen in Alone Season 6. As the idea was already dropped for the fifth season, we don’t expect it to make a comeback in Season 6. However, it doesn’t mean that there’s not going to be a hook in the upcoming season. Witt said that it might not be teams, but something else will be there as the hook of Season 6.

With such an exciting concept and already consisting fan base, Alone Season 6 is expected to be Blast. We surely can’t wait to see its premiere. Stay connected for further updates about the series.

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Great show. If I had no son to take care of I would try it.