‘I Am Jazz’ Star Jazz Jennings Is Torn Between Her Parents Decision

I Am Jazz

The latest episode of I Am Jazz Season 6 shows some difference between Jazz and her parents. Jennings is a 19 years old trans rights activist. Moreover, the show I Am Jazz depicts the typical teen drama through the lens of transgender youth. Viewers have witnessed her journey from depression to freedom from anxiety to validating her identity as a transgender person. And her family has supported her through all, thick and thin. But for the first time, her family didn’t see eye to eye on one issue.

Jazz Jenning’s Parents Are Frustrated Over Her College CareerĀ 

I Am Jazz Season 6’s latest episode, ‘Born This Way,’ shows Jazz broken between her and her parent’s choice. Actually, the fuss is all about her college Career. Jazz’s top two priorities are Pomona College and Harvard University. However, Jazz is adamant about going to Pomona. Whereas her mother, Jeanette Jennings, insists she joins Harvard. Jazz is very close to her family. Which includes her parents, twin brothers, and her elder sister.

I Am Jazz

Jeanette Jennings Is ‘Headstrong’ About Jazz Going To Harvard

Just a few days back, Jazz received her welcome packet from Harvard. However, the 19 years old was a little less excited about it. Moreover, Jazz told her producer about her parent’s excitement about the same. Jazz even says that her parents are ‘headstrong’ about Harvard University.

Meanwhile, Jeanette gushed over Harvard and said that she’s more than proud of Jazz’s college career. “Every time I think of Harvard, it feels proud. I mean, she got into Harvard. How many parents can say that?” Whereas, Jazz’s father, Greg says his excitement is temporary. Also, because of TLC Star’s hesitation about school. Though during a conversation with the producer, Greg says that he feels Harvard is the right option for her. But Jazz is leaning slightly over Pomona. Her gut feeling goes with Pomona due to the academic pressure of an Ivy League School.

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"I have to make my decision about where I'm going to college." Jazz visits Harvard on tonight's all-new #IAmJazz at 9/8c.

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I Am Jazz: Who Will Make The Final Decision?

While Jazz says, her heart asks her to join Pomona. And head suggests accepting the Harvard offer. Meanwhile, the Jennings family feels this doesn’t even deserve a discussion. “Harvard is Harvard. That’s a no-brainer,” says Jazz’s grandfather jack. However, Jazz’sĀ mom says she’ll allow her little one to make her own decision. But she also expects Jazz to use her wisdom and listen to her parents.

Moreover, Jazz’s sister has asked her to make the right decision. The one she won’t regret at the end. Also, she expects her little sister not to choose Pomona because the decision will ‘go against the norm.’ In addition to that, Jazz agrees that she is leaning towards Pomona. But at the end of the episode, she decided to go with her parent’s choice. “You guys have raised me. I want to respect you guys as parents. And I don’t want to disappoint you.” The Jazz told her parents.