Little People Big World: Amy Says Matt Not Allowing Son Jacob To Get Married On The Farm

Little People Big World

So lately it seems that the chaos on Little People Big World is increasing day by day. Matt and Jacob don’t exactly seem to get along. Amy has got something to say on the farm matter and Jacob’s wedding. We have got all of the details right here for you. Let’s take a look.

Amy Roloff Goes Live on Facebook

Jacob’s mom Amy Roloff had recently gone live from her Facebook account. She shared her decision of leaving the farm with everyone. She said that when earlier they had decided on selling the farm in January, the date for sale was put down as 1 November. This would have surely given a lot of time to her son for planning the wedding.

Little People Big World: Matt’s Disagreement

It seems that Matt didn’t like the plan and Amy knew that she will not be able to sell the farm any sooner. She says that initially, Matt had said that Jacob will not be getting married on the farm. And Amy couldn’t understand what was on his mind as all of the kids had been married there itself. 

Little People Big World: Jacob’s Rushing With The marriage

On the other hand, Jacob also seems to be rushing with his wedding plans. Because they need to make sure that the wedding takes place before November first they will be getting married in the month of September. Amy also revealed that she is in complete support of his son. She will be there with them in every way possible. She also said that regardless of what she thinks about Isabel and Jacob, she loves them and will love them with all of the life choices they are making for themselves.

Also, in the year 2018, it was reported that Jacob had been blaming his father for the divorce. It was also said that Jacob believed that the main cause of her mom being hurt and sad is solely his dad. On the other hand, Amy can be seen bonding well and getting closer to his son and would-be daughter in law. Although Amy also said in her video that things are getting better between the father and the son as well. This was evident as Matt helped Jacob to select the perfect tuxedo for his son.

Izzy had also invited Isabel to join her for the bachelorette party. Everybody seems to have a great time now. 


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