‘Little People Big World’: Matt’s Mom Approves Of Caryn, Are They Going To Marry Soon?

Little People Big World

Little People Big World: Caryn Chandler recently gave a tribute to Matt on his birthday. Matt’s mom made a comment that shows that she likes his long term girlfriend. Let’s take a look at what Matt Roloff’s mom has to say.

Little People Big World: Caryn’s Loving Caption On Matt’s Birthday

Before we see what Matt’s mom said, first let us take a look at Caryn’s caption for Matt’s birthday post. In her Instagram post that had a picture with Matt, Caryn captioned that his man has a wonderful smile. Matt wanted something low-key for his birthday. So, Caryn was cooking him dinner. Caryn’s daughter commented that she is thankful to Matt for being so good to her mom.

Little People Big World: What Does Matt’s Mom Have To Say About Caryn?

According to In touch, Matt’s mom mentioned that Caryn takes really good care of her son. When he came into this world, his mom was there for him. But the world has changed a lot since then. The fact that Matt’s mom has been so sweet to his long-term girlfriend shows that she definitely approves of her.

Not Everyone Approves Of Matt And Caryn’s Relationship

You know what they say. When something is built on a faulty foundation, it doesn’t last. Well, it seems like some Little People Big World viewers are taking that very seriously. Most of them consider this relationship builds on a foundation of disloyalty. Amy has mentioned in her memoir that she was aware of the texting and conversations that were going on between Matt and her farm manager. She also mentioned that it’s not how friends should interact. Especially, when they are married to other people.

Clearly, Caryn was implying that Matt had an extramarital affair. And Caryn was his girlfriend at that time. This is the main reason why she is the target of haters all over the world. When Caryn attended Audrey and Jeremy’s baby gender reveal party, most fans were not happy. One fan wondered what Caryn was doing there when it was a family event. But others who don’t have an issue with Caryn jumped in to defend her. The user said that it’s a family event, and viewers should just sit back and enjoy.

Little People Big World: Matt Is Happy For His Ex-Wife

It seems like Amy and Matt have buried the hatchet. They had some problems with each other in the past. But Amy is now engaged to Chris, and she couldn’t be happier. She has mentioned in the past that she was heartbroken over her broken marriage to Matt. But now she is happy with Chris.

Matt is happy for his ex-wife as he congratulated her on the engagement. And now, since we know that Matt’s mom also approves of Caryn, the couple might take it to the next level pretty soon. Do you think Matt and Caryn have a bright future together? Let us know in the comments below.

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