Love After Lockup: Is Scott Trying To Win Lizzie Back? His New Look Says It All

Love After Lockup

After the recent episode of Love After Lockup, Scott revealed that he is going to drop a bomb on viewers. Amid all the rumors suggesting a split between Lizzie and Scott, fans couldn’t help but making speculations. Most of the viewers are sure that Lizzie is just using him for his money. So, what is really up with the two of them? Let’s take a look.

Love After Lockup: Scott Is Back With A Brand New Look

Speaking of big surprises, Scott’s new look is going to top the list. As LAL fans already know, there are plenty of memes on the internet that mock Scott’s teeth. But it seems like the reality star has made up his mind to put an end to all the jokes. He recently got his teeth fixed and took to Instagram to reveal his new look. He also flaunted his teeth with a wide grin. The designer smile is definitely a major transformation that has gotten fans shocked. A majority of the viewers appear to be absolutely shocked by this big change.

He also posted on Instagram that he has gifted Lizzie with a dog. He went live and shared the news. Moreover, he has also requested Lizzie to unblock him. He wants to call her but Lizzie has blocked his number. It seems like the newly transformed reality TV star is leaving no stones unturned to win his love back. But the fans keep wondering, will all the efforts account to something meaningful? Will Lizzie change her mind? Or this will all go in vain?

Love After Lockup: Lizzie’s Response To Scott

Unexpectedly, Lizzie didn’t take long to respond to Scott’s posts and live video. She pointed out that it was he who blocked her on Instagram. Lizzie said that if someone wanted the other person to see their video, at least unblock them on social media. She also expressed her interest in the background of the dog. She is an animal rescuer and was wondering whether the dog is bought or rescued.

Lizzie mentioned that her reason for leaving Scott was money. Apparently, he thought that he can buy her whatever she wants and win her love. Interestingly, he is adopting the same approach again. Scott is buying her a dog and spent a massive sum on getting his teeth fixed. Since this is the exact reason why Lizzie broke it off with him, it is doubtful that this approach is going to work.

Scott And Lizzie Experiencing A Rocky Time

There are definitely some unresolved relationship issues between the two of them. The fact that Scott blocked her on Instagram and Lizzie blocking his phone number indicate that they are experiencing a rocky time. Rumors have it that Scott has been cheating on Lizzie right before she broke it off.

Do you think there is a chance for Lizzie and Scott to get back together? Let us know in the comments below.


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