Married at First Sight – Happily Ever After Spoilers: Danielle’s First Sonogram

Married at First Sight

Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Spoilers: Happily Ever After tease that the couple Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd who were one of the success stories of Married At First Sight not just decided to be together after the show but they are all set for their first child as well. Moreover, the expected parents will go to have their first sonogram for which Danielle is a little worried.

First Ultrasound Of Danielle

Before the appointment with OBGYN Healther Bellanger, Danielle says, “We’re gonna do our very first ultrasound. It’s definitely nerve-wracking because you don’t have any way of knowing if things are okay. This is where we would find out if things are not progressing smoothly or if something’s wrong. It definitely makes me nervous.”

However, getting anxious before a big appointment isn’t non-obvious. But, Danielle is extra apprehensive as she has not feeling well already. On asked by doctor, she says she was sick in the car the whole way to the clinic. Also, when she’s feeling alright, a prenatal vitamin increases her nausea and vomiting all over again.

Dr. Bellanger assures her that the sickness is normal in early pregnancy and it won’t last forever. He recommends her medication to fight nausea, and it makes both Danielle and Bobby relieved. To this, Bobby says, “It’s hard for me to watch her feel really sick, so I do hope the new medication will make her feel better. Maybe we’re gonna get back to the honeymoon stage.”

After that, the couple gets ready for the sonogram where they get to see their fetus for the first time. Seeing sonogram, Danielle says, “Seeing my baby for the first time on the monitor is definitely unreal, you know. It’s definitely very emotional. I almost cried. But it was just very special to share that moment with Bobby.”

What Does Social Media Want To Know?

Meanwhile, as per the curiosity of many fans on social media, Danielle is sick when Bobby is around, and whenever he is not she feels normal. This week, when the couple is in bed, she says she needs to get some sleep which left Bobby with a deflated look. Also, Danielle Bergman responded to her critics by saying she got into debt because of her unexpected surgery. Bobby too defended her.

So, fans should trust their words if Bobby and Danielle say that they’re in a good place now until proven otherwise. Stay tuned, Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After airs Tuesday at 10 PM on Lifetime.

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