Married At First Sight: Why Did Kate Sisk Repell Luke? Shocking!

Married At First Sight

Being attracted to someone comes naturally. You can’t force it. And if by chance, something puts off the other person, then a potential match could be in danger. The same thing is happening with Married At First Sight star Luke and Kate. Apparently, Kate did something to put him off. The two hot topics among the fans of the show are whether Luke wasn’t clear about what he likes in women or what he was looking for in his spouse.

Just like most men in the world, Luke has a type. Apparently, Kate doesn’t belong to that type. Despite Kate saying that Luke is everything she looks for in a guy, Luke just can’t seem to make a connection with her. He is recently getting famous for the critical remarks he has been making.

Married at First Sight: Luke Cuccurullo Isn’t Attracted To Kate Sisk

Some relationships despite everything going well lack chemistry. Same is the case with Luke and Kate. At least for Luke, we can say that he does not find what he longs for in his desired mate. Whereas other couples were clearly getting along with their significant others, Kate and Luke didn’t even kiss.

When Luke did kiss Kate on their first date, he mentioned that the kiss didn’t feel alive. When asked to share a bed with Kate, he preferred the couch. On the other hand, other couples didn’t have a problem lying by each other’s side.

Was Luke Dishonest Or The Experts Got It Wrong

Having a modernized approach to arranged marriages, the show markets itself based on the expertise. So, how did this mismatch occur? Did the experts get it wrong? Or was Luke not being completely honest when asked for what he wants in a wife? Let’s find out.

Only when the potential mates are completely honest and transparent can the couples get it right. When they conceal or withhold any information, mismatches can occur. Only 5 out of 21 couples matched on the show are still together. Rest have parted ways. This is not a good success percentage.

MAFS: Luke’s Dating Record Shows African-American Women

If you closely examine Luke’s Instagram profile, you can catch that he indeed has a type. It is clear that from the past 3 years, he has been dating women that are African-American. Clearly, Kate is totally different from them. Is that the reason why he isn’t attracted to Kate at all? If he had a type, why didn’t he tell the experts earlier?

Matchmaking is a complicated task involving the deepest human emotions. It is highly unlikely for marriage experts to get it right in 100% of the cases. But if the potential couples are clear in what they want, they can get really close to finding their soulmate with similar qualities they desire.

Does Luke really have a thing for African-American women? Or is there some other reason why he isn’t able to connect with Kate? Let us know in the comments below.

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