My 600 LB Life Star Coliesa Is On Life Support Over The Last Week

My 600 Lb Life

My 600 LB Life has brought smiles is several’s lives. TLC’s reality show, My 600 LB Life, is best known for its content. The series focuses on the contestants who weigh more than 600 pounds. Moreover, the show captures the struggle and the hard work for their weight loss. Over the years, the show has served several lives. Although the series is having a tough time but the fact that the reality show has brought happiness is different lives, can never be denied.

However, we have a new update related to the show’s latest cast member. Colisa was last seen the eight season of My 600 LB Life. Coliesa’s niece Blair Shelton, who featured alongside her aunt in several scenes from Coliesa’s episode, gave some health updates. However, the news can affect the fans and viewers of TLC’s reality show.

My 600 LB Life: Coliesa Is On Life Support After Flatlining

Soon after her weight loss surgery, the TLC star was having several complications. And later was hospitalized too. Nearly almost a month now, Coliesa has been in hospital. A far, the current reports are not even in her favor. The Season 8 star has been on life support for a full week after flatlining in her hospital bed. However, her weight loss journey was noteworthy as soon as it aired. The 41 years old began her weight loss journey at 643 pounds.

However, Dr. Nowzaradan operated on before Coliesa had lost enough weight to be approved for surgery. In fact, the constant stomach pains from which Coliesa began suffering from was the start. Initially, doctors thought it was due to some dangerous intestinal blockage. However, her weight made it impossible for doctors to determine the actual cause.

My 600 LB Life Star Coliesa Survived A Gastric Sleeve Surgery  

Coliesa’s heart was determined to be strong enough. And the 41 years old passed all the dangers survived Gastric sleeve surgery. Furthermore, Coliesa lost around 150 pounds by the end of her episode. And finally, she embraced a healthier lifestyle and quit smoking. But on 18 March, Blair gave the first shocking update regarding My 600 LB Life cast member. Coliesa began suffering from sepsis after a suture from her gastric sleeve surgery popped. And not much later, doctors put her into a medically induced coma.

And the next day, Blair told that her aunt is now on life support. Presumably, this was the last update given by her family too. And since then, she’s on life support for a full week after flatlining in her hospital bed. Well, we hope Coliesa to recover soon.

Moreover, here fans, too, are sending best wishes for the TLC star. And everyone is praying for the well being of her family also. For more updates on My 600 LB Life, stay tuned to TV Seasons and Spoilers.