‘Sister Wives’: Mariah Announces Engagement, Kody Calls Other Brown Adults Hypocrites

Sister Wives

Sister Wives star Meri Brown’s daughter came out of the closet in 2016. It came as a shock, but what was even more shocking is that her family welcomed her lifestyle with open arms. Now, she is engaged, and when she announced the big news, the reactions from the Sister Wives family prompted Kody to call the other Brown adults hypocrite. So, what’s the deal here? Let us take a detailed look.

Sister Wives Stars’ Religious Sect Doesn’t Allow Same-Sex Relationships

The Sister Wives family is all a part of the Apostolic United Brethren. It is a religious sect that doesn’t allow same-sex relationships. However, the family supported Mariah when she came out. They gave her the freedom to be in any kind of relationship she wants. 

Sister Wives

Kody Wants Mariah To Get Married To Her Girlfriend As Soon As Possible

When Mariah announced her engagement, Kody insisted on the two of them getting married a lot earlier than the couple decided. He tells Mariah to tie the knot within a year. She says that she would prefer not to have the pressure of planning a wedding when her school is going on. 

But Kody doesn’t buy it. He calls this an excuse. Mariah then tells Kody to calm down. She understands that he is excited. But Kody fails to understand why waiting for such a long time is so important to them. According to him, they shouldn’t wait this long as they already know each other well.

Sister Wives: Kody Calls Other Brown Adults Hypocrites

When Kody persists on marrying off Mariah early, Christine and Robyn intervene. Christine tells Kody to focus on having fun for now. Robyn also emphasizes that they are just celebrating the announcement. 

Sister Wives

According to Kody, it’s pointless to take such a long time to get married. After all, he didn’t know all the wives that well when he married them. He also called the other adults hypocrite. Perhaps, he didn’t like them telling him to tone it down when he was trying to hurry Mariah up to get married. 

Sister Wives: How Did Mariah Propose?

They went to the women’s March, where the couple first started dating. Mariah thought that it would be a good idea to propose to her two years after at the same place. In the middle of the March, she pulled Audrey aside and popped the question. Audrey was shocked. Of course, it was a happy surprise, and she said yes. 

Kody has already made it clear that the family supports Mariah’s decision to marry her girlfriend. In fact, they are all excited and looking forward to it. They have raised their children to see same-sex marriages just like any other regular marriage. 

Do you think Kody will be able to persuade Mariah to marry earlier than she decided? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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