Sister Wives Season 14: Meri Relocates To Flagstaff, Big Apartment With Indoor Waterfall & An Elevator

Sister Wives

Sister Wives Season 14: After a lot of chaos, Meri Brown has finally made her big move. There were a lot of challenges on the way. But the first wife of the Brown family patriarch made it through. Let’s take a look at this in detail.

Sister Wives: Meri’s New Rental Home Is Amazing

It seems like Meri’s efforts finally paid off. She has relocated to Flagstaff, and her new rental looks amazing. It’s almost like a dream home for many. Now, most fans are saying that it’s not the right move for Meri to rent such a big apartment when she is mostly going to live alone. However, many fans come to her defense, saying that she deserves it. Having fewer kids doesn’t mean one doesn’t expect to get treated better.

Sister Wives Sister Wives

However, the financial condition of the Brown family is deteriorating. Maybe, Kody didn’t think it through before uprooting the entire family from Vegas. Perhaps, he assumed that eventually, they would be okay living under the same roof. However, the wives are definitely not ready to budge even an inch on that. So, the expenses were not something he estimated. The family also had to face a great deal of difficulty in selling their homes in Vegas. The delay in the sale of their Vegas homes also put a lot of financial burden on them.

Sister Wives: Meri Breaks Down Over Other Family Members Not Helping Her Move

Meri seems to think that the love of her Sister Wives family is conditional. She takes issue with the fact that she has to hire people to help her move. On the other hand, Robyn blames the staircase in Meri’s home. According to her, the others are afraid of ruining Meri’s stuff while climbing those stairs. However, Meri still thinks that it’s futile to hire help when they can all do something together.

Janelle then makes a suggestion, and Robyn goes along. She says that Meri can hire help to do the big shifting, and they can have an unpack party after she moves in. Robyn added that the others could help her out with the small stuff while letting the professionals do the heavy moving.

Christine said that her girls have also offered Meri to help her move. So, it seems like she doesn’t have any shortage of family help till now. It is unlikely that Kody will extend a helping hand as he looks pretty occupied. Robyn has already stated that Kody has to fulfill a lot of demands. So, he can’t be there at everyone’s constant beck and call.

Will Meri moving into her new rental solve some problems? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Stay tuned for more Sister Wives updates.

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