‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s Offscreen Drama

Teen Mom 2

It has been a while since Jenelle Evans has been holding herself together in the middle of all the controversies surrounding her husband. Teen Mom 2 is back on 14th January. While fans are excited about what is coming, it is fair that we brush them up with all the drama happening off screen.

Jenelle and Barbera Say Goodbye To Their Differences

Jenelle explains Barbera that her relationship is already complicated enough. When Nathan Griffith, the father of Jenelle’s 4-year old son accused David of abusing the boy, Jenelle is willing to make peace with her ex and bring the custody matter forward. The mother-daughter duo has been fighting for years. This was mainly because of Jenelle’s substance abuse issues. But as soon as things went south with Griffith.

How It All Began

The complication began with Jenelle calling the cops accusing David of assaulting her. However, she said that it was a drunk misunderstanding and everything is okay. According to some claims, she tripped while having some friends over for a bonfire. Later, she said that they are focusing on family and taking some time off social media.

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In the meantime, David hasn’t given any statement on the matter. However, he posted a picture on Instagram that displayed a happy family.

Teen Mom 2: Rumors Regarding An Impending Lovers Spat

When the couple stopped following each other on social media, rumors took over the internet regarding an impending split. In response to these, Jenelle stated that it is common for married people to have arguments. That does not mean they are going to split up. Moreover, she states that social media has nothing to do with real life relations. She also points out that her own mother is not friends with her as far as social media is concerned.

Nathan Griffith Sabotaging David Eason

According to Jenelle, Nathan is doing everything in his power to sabotage David. He is putting the blame of something as petty as a bruise while playing at school on to David. Her son’s injuries can easily be considered as bruises that occur while kids are playing.

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Finally Breaks Down In Tears

She states that she feels awful that everybody misunderstands her husband. According to her statement, he did not do anything wrong and knows how to keep a family happy. By posting happy pictures on Instagram with hashtags such as #LoveYouAlways, #ForeverAndAlways, and #AgainstAllOdds, she conveys that things are good between the couple. The picture says it all!

This is not the first time she is defending her husband. A while back Jenelle faced backlash over defending David’s homophobic tweets. She accused people of making up stories about her husband, trying to get him into trouble.

The details revolving around the October incident are still unclear. The reality show star still has a bunch of burning questions to answer. In the end, she makes it clear that David is a nice man even though the haters keep on hating.