‘Days Of Our Life’ Spoilers: Maggie Gets Wasted, Brady Gets Shocked Seeing Her Drunk

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers

When it comes to Days Of Our Life, tragic losses go hand in hand. We all know that since the day Nicole came back to DOOL, Holly’s life was kind of hanging in the air. A majority of the audience had already speculated that the little girl wouldn’t survive her kidnap. Now, Holly has been presumed dead, and it has left Nicole, Eric, Chloe, and everyone who loved her devastated. Nicole is her mother, and she is obviously heartbroken. However, another person who is greatly affected by Holly’s death is Maggie.

Days Of Our Life Spoilers: Is Maggie Finally back To The Bottle?

The van in which Holly was there went off a cliff, and there was an explosion. It is devastating to imagine a child die such a gruesome death. Maggie had already suffered Daniel’s death a few years ago, and the negative impact was tremendous. Holly was Daniel’s daughter and the last connection to his son.

Maggie has a difficult time digesting all the heartbreak at once. She has been known to engross herself under the impact of alcohol to dissolve her sorrows. Days Of Our Life Spoilers suggest that she might go back to drinking and get addicted again.

Viewers are already aware of the fact that Maggie has been an alcoholic. She has been recovering. Any time there is a problem that is too overwhelming for her to handle, her first instinct is to drink until she forgets. When Holly died, the audience was wondering whether she would do the same. When she went to the Brady Pub, she almost got carried away when she ordered Vodka. However, at that time Nicole arrived and stopped her. But it seems like the temptation is gripping the grandma again and she is finally going to give in this time.

Maggie Succumbs To Her Urge

Maggie is immensely sad about Holly’s death. Moreover, Victor is not there to offer her any support during this difficult time. Brady is going to find Maggie when she has passed out. When Brady was low, Maggie has been there for him. This time, Brady is likely to return the favor. He might wait until she gets back up and then offers her advice to seek treatment. A rehab would greatly help curb the addiction considering she is consuming alcohol in access. Moreover, Maggie is beyond control and is drinking without any limits.

It’s a pity that Victor is not supportive at this time of need. Maggie is going down a dark road to horrible loneliness. Will Victor realize this and come to her aid at the right time? Or will Brady take the lead this time? Maggie is clearly not doing well, and she is unlikely to thrive without any intervention. What do you think is next for Maggie’s character on Days Of Our Life? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Days of Our Lives Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.