Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Abigail Gets a New Job at Police Station

days of our lives spoilers

Days of Our Lives spoilers are such a treat when there is something new happening in the show. Dool fans know Abigail is working so hard to move on, she is not in love with her husband enough to stay married. She is trying to move on from the decisions she has made with taking some decisions. Abigail still loves her husband, but she is finding it difficult to live with a man who has feelings for another woman. And she cannot afford to be one of the women his husband loves. In this suffocating situation, she cannot continue working with her husband. In this place of transition, she is going to do whatever it takes to get over and move on from her relationship.

Now Abigail has applied for a job with the police department. No doubts she’s got too many qualifications, moreover, she has got her family there and they will be giving her the job. Abigail is now finally working for herself, she needs to take care of her son and herself. She needed a fresh start and this job will help her in move on from her relationship.

days of our lives spoilers
NBC/Days Of Our Lives

However, Chad won’t like her working with the police department, but he will continue to try and win her back. Though it doesn;t seem that she is making these decisions to another chance at the moment. For viewers, it would be really interesting to see how she will make it work for her.

Now that Abigail is working at the police station, it is possible that she may get her hands on some information that might help people in her life. She has no experience of working with the police department and may keep the information with herself or she may share it with someone trustworthy.  One thing is sure she has some issues to work out and she might not be the right person for such job.

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