Days of Our Lives Spoilers for August 27 – Marlena Shot, Claire Abducted

Days of Our Lives Spoilers

NBC’s Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, August 27 hint a day of chaos in Salem. The lives of people of the city will see a day of heartbreak and their lives on the line. Miss the episode at your own risk as the spoiler promises the episode packed with action and drama.

Marlena Is Shot

As we know, when Sami(Alison Sweeney) appeared at the wedding of John and Marlena, she warns Marlena of a sudden danger which can ruin her happiness. She tells her that Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) is alive and will do everything just to spoil Jarlena’s nuptial day. Sami advised Marlena to not tie the knot and escape the wedding. According to her, it is the only way possible to be saved.

On the other hand, the bride continues to say, Susan says Kristen is alive, but she doesn’t believe what Susan says. In fact, she thinks Susan is an unusual lady there. Now, it is too late to believe as Kristen reaches the wedding area with a gun in her hand pointing it at Sami.

Marlena was the woman who threw Kristen out of the window in Italy and now Kristen wants to take revenge. This is what Marlena feared about her wedding day. The gun in Kristen’s hand put everyone in shock. All the chaos happened before Abe could pronounce John and Marlena man and his wife. But, then another realization that shock John is, Marlena is shot and he can lose his love on their special day.

Marlena was then taken to the hospital where Kayla will attend the wounded Marlena. Kristen couldn’t be happier as Sami has lost whatever was left in her head. It seems Kristen is responsible for what happened to Sami’s mind making Sami responsible for what happened to her mother.

Also, Sami continues to reel from Kristen’s revelation that DiMera is alive and abducts Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) as a hostage who thought up that her biggest problem would be to convince Tripp to catch up with her instead of Ciara. But, we already know that Claire seems to have a problem of kidnapping. The presence of her parents is a good thing for her.

Paul Witnesses Will And Sonny Getting Cozy

Days of Our Lives Spoilers also reveal, Will (Chandler Massey) remembers his marriage with Sonny (Freddie Smith) and the two have a reunion which continued with a passionate kiss. But, Paul (Christopher Sean) appears and sees their intimate kiss putting a question on their relationship. Till now, he thought that Will and Sonny are just business partners after Ted’s situation. Now, when Will might remembering his feelings, Paul interrupts things leaving Will with no choice.

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