Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ciara Ask A Serial Killer To Live With Them, Tripp Get Furious

Days of Our Lives Spoilers

NBC’s Days of Our Lives Spoilers alert for Friday, August 17. You won’t be able to calm yourself seeing the day full of surprises and suspicions throughout Salem. The episode offers a few surprising elements for its viewers.

Ciara’s Invitation To A Serial Killer

Tripp’s ire reached the height to see that Ciara (Victoria Konefal) has asked Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) to move into the loft. He couldn’t hold his furiousness back after seeing that how Ciara can ask a serial killer to live with them. Moreover, he is more worried and angry over her intentions. He is confused on her intention and eagerly wants to know whether she only wants to help someone who helped her or is there something more there than she’s offering a serial killer?

On the other hand, someone is furious on Tripp also. When Hope ( Kristian Alfonso ) comes to know that Tripp hasn’t left town, her anger burst. She wondered what the heck is going on with her darling daughter.

Kate Come To Know The Bitter Truth

In the meantime, Kate ( Lauren Koslow) came to know the hardest truth. Nobody but the man she’s been sleeping with is the person who is blackmailing her grandson. The man Ted (Gilles Marini) with whom Kate has been so close is blackmailing her grandson. What would she do as Ted consider all this blackmailing affair his business? When she asked him to stop blackmailing her grandson Will (Chandler Massey), he denied calling it his business. The bitter thing remains in the row for her.

Ted chose the money when she asked him to choose between her and the money. Things will continue to take place. It is to see in the Days of Our Lives spoilers what will happen when Kate pulls a gun on Ted. Will she be able to get him to back off? Or her anger will reach another level due to Ted’s behavior?

A Surprise For Steve

When others are dealing with problems, Steve ( Stephen Nichols) has a lot to do. He is talking to Kayla with the intention to know why she kept secrets about Stefan from him. Not only that, but he is also busy with Adrienne to track Bonnie Lockheart. You will see in the Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday that Adrienne ( Judi Evans ) wants to come back with Justin after breaking up with Lucas and blackmailing Victor into marriage.

However, Adrienne will be delighted by the surprise of Steve. Stay tuned to know will she finally get the chance to cope up with Bonnie? This Friday is packed with entertainment for viewers of Days of Our Lives.

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