Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Eric is Vulnerable While Brady is Shocked

Days of Our Lives Spoilers

According to Days of Our Lives Spoilers, Eric Brady will be feeling guilty after Sarah Horton kisses him. She comes to his rescue when he faces a tough time with his mother’s ordeal. She will offer him the much-needed comfort he was looking for. But as fate would have it, things will get tough and there will be a difficult decision to make.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Eric is Vulnerable

Dr. Marlena Evans almost died as she was almost shot down at her own wedding and was taken off life support. If it weren’t for John Black’s plan, Dr. Marlena wouldn’t have survived. This is the reason why Eric is a mess when Marlena is in a coma and on a death bed. He will in a tough place emotionally because he is not able to digest the fact that an allergic reaction has made life so tough for Marlena. Seeing Eric so vulnerable, Sarah will get attracted to him even more. So, fans can anticipate that some steamy scenes to pop up soon.

Moreover, Rex Brady will spot them kissing, sending him in a frenzy. He will blame and try to fight Eric for making a pass at Sarah. When the truth is, it is actually Sarah who is pulling all the strings. Obviously, Eric will feel guilty that he let his feelings for Sarah get in the way and because of which he ended up hurting Rex. He will be ready to stay away from her even though all he wants is Sarah. This would only be possible if Eric gets something in return.

He’ll go as far as making a vow to God and will pray for Marlena. In the hope of getting all the answers he has been looking for, he will promise to stay away from Sarah. This would be possible in one condition and that is if Marlena gets okay. Since she is not going anywhere at the moment, Eric will have to keep his promise. But there is also the possibility that his will power fades away with time. DOOL spoilers suggest that the two of them will get together as soon as Nicole Walker makes an entry.

DOOL Spoilers: Leo Stark Will Shock Brady Black

Spoilers suggest that Leo Stark will completely shock Brady Black after dropping a huge secret. He will tell Brady that they are actually brothers because they have the same father, John Black. Leo found out that John is his father only recently. And after knowing this, he would want to share the information with Brady as soon as possible. Needless to say, Brady will be shocked to know that he has yet another long-lost brother along with Paul Narita. However, fans believe that Diana might have bigger plans for telling Leo that he is John’s son.

DOOL spoilers guarantee that there will be a lot of twists and turns in the coming episode. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for Days of Our Lives Spoilers to know what happens when Dr. Marlena wakes up and Eric has to keep his end of the bargain.

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