Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: February 4th – The Explosive Week!

Days of our lives spoilers

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers tease a major character will be making a grand return, fans can expect explosive drama for the upcoming week. Viewers are going to be shocked at what the star has been up to. Let us take a look at the fate of your favorite DOOL characters. We are going to list out what turn the lives of Ciara, Leo, Ben, Hope, Brady, Stefan, and Chloe are going to take.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Hope Accusing Ben

With Ciara missing, Hope won’t be in a stable state of mind. She is going to put the blame of her daughter being kidnapped on Ben. Obviously, he is not behind her disappearance. In fact, he is also worried about his girlfriend.

The Return Of Jordan!

When fans learn what Jordan has been up to, they will be shocked. Earlier on the show, she was definitely not the villain. But it seems like things have changed now. In a scene, Ciara will beg her sister Jordan to rescue her. But sadly, Jordan will leave her tied up in the blink of an eye.

Ciara and Her Attempt To Break Free

Being the daughter of Hope and Bo, you can’t take Ciara to be a weak minded person. She will do her best to trick her captors and escape. Whether her attempt to break free will be successful or not is still unknown. However, it seems like she might figure out a way to make her escape.

Another Character Kidnapped On DOOL!

As the show progresses, fans will see another kidnapping unfold. Charlotte DiMera will go missing just after the kidnapping of Ciara starts to take momentum. In the beginning, it seemed like the motive behind Jordan’s return is to protect people from the wrath of her brother. Clearly, she has ulterior motives, and they won’t go well with the protagonists of the show.

Jordan and Abigail Chatting Up

Abigail will let Jordan know about her encounter with Ben. Days Of Our Lives Spoilers tease that Jordan might have kidnapped little Charlotte to protect her and Abby from her brother. You can consider this a plausible explanation behind her rash actions.

Stefan Facing Accusations From Chad

Stefan initially thought that he was the father of little Charlotte. That’s the reason why he developed a special connection with her. Nevertheless, he did not see an accusation coming in his way due to the special bond. Chad accused his brother of kidnapping his little daughter. Of course, he is really not the one who kidnapped her.

Stefan Comes To Chloe’s Rescue!

Stefan is going to risk his own life in an attempt to save Chloe. Mateo’s death is what he is avenging. He will also offer her to stay in his mansion.

A Love Triangle Popping Up In Salem

Along with Stefan, Brady will also offer his help to Chloe. The sparks flying between Stefan and Chloe are clear. However, the thing with Brady is totally not over. Who will she pick?

The characters are in for an intense examination of their patience, and the fans are in for a drama! Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Days of Our Lives Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.