Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For Next Week 27 May: Ben Turns To Marlena, Nicole And Brady

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers

It seems like in Salem, it can’t remain placid for even a short period. Days Of Our Lives Spoilers for the week of 27th May suggest that there is going to be one hell of a storm somewhere. It is likely to involve all the drama in which “Nicole” is involved. Maggie is going to tell a tale which is likely to have a profound effect. Also, Kate and Maggie are going to have a confrontation. John and Eve will also have an interesting conversation. The same will be true for Ben and Marlena. Let’s dive into the details.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Ben Asks Marlena’s Help

Ben once again wants hypnotism to roll out on him. He will most likely go to Marlena and ask for her help. The fellow is wondering whether he can bring back his memories so that he can remember other details apart from the cabin ablaze. Since Eve is out there to take her revenge from Ben, he is running scared. Speaking of Eve, she seems to be in a total power mode. John will beg her to give him Dr. Rolf’s diary to help out Will. Whether she still has the diary or not is still a big question mark. She will also uncover a secret and tell Jack about it.

What’s Maggie Up To?

Maggie and Kate are going to have a confrontation. Since Brady is going to take Maggie’s side, chances are, the story has something to do with what Kate has been up to. Maggie clearly doesn’t like Kate and is doing her best to get her booted out. She isn’t herself lately and is turning back to the bottle. But the woman might be on to Nicole after the way she behaved at the funeral. Maggie will tell Brady a shocking secret. The point of concern here is whether he will believe her.

Fake Nicole Take Things With Brady To Next Level

Nicole is definitely not being herself lately. When hurting Eric and Maggie wasn’t enough, Nicole took to increasing her connections with Brady. She is definitely planning to take the affection with Brady to the next level. Of course, the word on that is Nicole is really Kristen DiMera as an imposter wearing Nicole’s mask. This explains a lot. Nicole would have never kissed Brady. But since it is Kristen, this kind of behavior is expected of her.

In the meantime, Will’s brain is giving him a hard time. Maybe the back to life serum is the ultimate thing that can help him get back on track. He suffers a memory lapse about Alice and Tom. Ted is officially taking Hope on a date. After Claire has a meltdown, she will try her best to get into Tripp’s good books. Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Days of Our Lives Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.


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