Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Gabi’s Destructive Plan, Chloe Warns Bonnie

Days of Our Lives

NBC’s soap opera Days Of Our Lives promises an upcoming episode of September 19 full of anger and suspicious mind. If you are the true fan of the show, then you can’t afford to miss even a moment of the dramatic episode.

Chloe Warns Bonnie

When Kayla confirms to Lucas Horton that he is the father, it shocks him. However, what the truth behind is yet to be known as Bonnie Lockhart has never been the honest one. But, when it comes to paternity, she could be correct. Also, knowing the truth, even Chloe would be shocked. But, before knowing that Lucas was indeed Baby Bonnie’s father, Chloe warns Bonnie to not mess with Lucas as she wants him to be safe. Chloe is the person who knows how alcohol badly affected Lucas earlier. So, she stood by his side while learning the truth about him being Baby Bonnie’s father.

Gabi Is To Take Revenge

Meanwhile Days of Our Lives spoilers also tease, Abigail confides in JJ about Gabi’s unusual behavior of the day when Abigail discovered Gabi in the house. Carried on, Gabi is all set to take revenge on Abigail after knowing that Abigail and Chad will be planning a family picnic. Gabi won’t like the thought and will target Abigail once again by planting a medicine somewhere in her bed. Seeing the unconscious condition of Abigail, Chad gets worried.

Sonny and Chad after having the conversation before talked about Abigail’s pregnancy. Chad asked Sonny about Gabi’s reaction. Also, how he can accept the baby? Sonny tells him not to compare his situation with Gabi. For Chad, the baby is the reminder of what had happened. And Sonny encouraged Chad to spend time with Thomas and Abigail. So, there comes the plan of the family picnic which will be followed by Gabi’s intention of ruining it. It seems things will not take a right turn, in fact getting worse.

Eli Reconnects With Sheila 

Eli meets with an old friend who is none other than Sheila, Bonnie’s partner-in-crime. The last time Sheila was in Salem about their not-so-glorious past. It is to see whether the reunion of Eli and Sheila go better or not?

On the other hand, Lani will leave Eli, her growing feeling towards him and escape their affair. As Eli would have no one to talk to, she met an old friend, Sheila. However, Eli isn’t happy to see him back in the town. Stay tuned to get updates of Days of Our Lives upcoming episodes.


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