Days of Our Lives Spoilers: JJ is Desperate, While Haley Faces Deportation

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers

According to Days of Our Lives Spoilers, JJ Deveraux will come across some fascinating clues that will lead him to the original cabin fire. He will doubt that if Jordan Ridgeway was really behind the blaze or not. After the harrowing events, he is hell-bent on finding the person who started the fire and left Ciara Brady to die.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: JJ is Desperate to Help Haley

JJ is desperate to help Haley because he has a soft corner for her. And, he feels strongly because it is because of his father that her truth came out. Even though his current plan may not be enough to help her yet, he is ready to go all the way.

When JJ and Haley tried to work things between them romantically, Jack came in between them. He revealed that she was in Salem and the U.S. illegally. He has convinced Justin to be her lawyer, but this would not help at all as they still weren’t able to win the case. JJ proposes a plan when the judge orders her to leave the United States within 30 days. He asks Haley to get married to him. And, if she agrees, then she will be able to stay in the country. But as the DOOL spoilers have it, she may not be too excited about the idea. She might react in an unusual way accusing JJ to be out of his mind when she comes to know about the plan.

Obviously, she thinks that marrying the son of a person who let out is secret is not right. Moreover, JJ’s father is also running for mayor on an immigration crackdown platform. It is a plan that will not work out according to her, and this is the reason why she will turn it down.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Who is Behind the Fire?

Since Ciara is a girl who doesn’t have too many enemies and the people of Salem love her. JJ will still struggle to find someone with a motive. She had faced a backlash in the past because of Ben Weston. Obviously, after the event, her family would want to safeguard her from anything that would disturb her especially a man who was once dangerous. Ben missed a few doses of his medicines. And, if he is ever off them completely, he could end up frightening Days serial killer once again. Because of all this, JJ will have a tough time figuring out who is the real culprit.

He may not be a detective anymore, but he still has those skills. This is the reason why he stops at Ciara’s place and asks questions. He wants to know who might be out to get her. When she overhears such a conversation, she will definitely be worried because she does not want the truth to get out. If this happens, then it would mean that she will lose Tripp Dalton. She would even have to prison for attempted murder. Needless to say, her family would be furious with her.

We have so many questions, will JJ be able to find out who is behind the fire? Will he be able to help Haley? Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Days of Our Lives Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.

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