‘Days Of Our Lives Spoilers’: John’s Another Love Child, Another Abduction Hits Salem

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers

According to the “Days of Our Lives Spoilers”, the most beloved characters of the fans are in for a whole new dramatic storyline. John Black is set to examine some aspects of his relationship with Diana in the past. It might turn out that Leo is his son after all. Stefano DiMera brainwashed John decades ago when he came to Salem. He was in a romantic relationship with Diana for a while.

He lived in Salem assuming that he was Roman. John even adopted the lifestyle and identity accordingly. However, with the revelation that he wasn’t Roman, things completely changed and so did his life. When he realized that there were no family ties that bound him to Salem, he changed his name to John Black. By that time, he had fallen madly in love with Marlena Evans, who is his wife at present.

Will John Discover That Leo Is His Love Child?

This week, while confiding in the real Roman, John can discover that Leo is another love child of his. However, this is not the first time he is learning something like this. We already know that he has fathered Belle Black, Brady Black, and Paul Narita. In fact, the bonding between Paul and John happened quickly. Paul even started working at Black Patch, John’s private firm. However, John’s messed up relationships with Sonny Kiriakis and Will Horton prompted him to leave Salem.

DOOL Spoilers: Another Abduction In Salem

Hope is going to accuse Ben of abducting Ciara. However, he himself is worried about Ciara’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Ciara pleads Jordan to free her, but that falls on deaf ears. Charlotte is also speculated to go missing from Salem. Days Of Our Lives Spoilers reveal Chad is desperately going to search for her. In the meantime, Ciara will make all attempts to escape her captors.

What About Other DOOL Characters?

As fans already know, Rex Brady and Sarah Horton have called off their wedding. But after that, they realize that they are made for each other and recommitted. The reunion after a situation that indicated uncertainty in their relationship is going to be interesting to watch. Abigail Deveraux will put her faith in Jordan and tell her about the encounter with Ben.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Wrapping It Up

Before finding out for sure whether John is really Leo’s father, he has got to do a lot of research. If indeed, he is the biological father of Leo, it will be easier for him to make some amends. He can convince Leo to stop creating troubles for the Kiriakis family and Sonny.

With the love child and the abduction storylines going hand in hand, the plot is surely going to thicken. The reactions of the characters are going to be priceless to watch. What do you think? Will Ciara manage to escape her kidnappers? What is Jordan up to? And what will be Leo’s reaction to all the paternal drama? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Days of Our Lives Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.

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