Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Ted Laurent’s Twin Is Entering The Show?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers

According to the Days of Our Lives spoilers, fans might be thrilled with the comeback of a dead character. The soap scripts are not usually rational, and surprisingly it makes fans happy because logic kills the character forever. Incarnations are just a myth in real life! Let’s have a look who is coming back? 

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Ted Laurent Is Alive?

The Days of Our Lives fans remember the character Ted Laurent, who was played by Gilles Marin may return. A little time has passed since Ted left the show being dead on-screen. The rumors of his come back on the show have commenced as the character shared with the media that he loved his time on Days. In his statement, he further indicated that Ted might return someday. Do you want him back on the screen? 

How Rumors Evolved?

You can’t predict who will die on the soaps and who will live a hundred years. Talking to the media channel, Ted Laurent, aka Gilles Marini, shared the same. In his answer to the question, if he would like to come back on DOOL, Ted said yes, as he loved his presence on the show.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers

He ridiculed the thought of returning from dead but hinted the return of his character, indicating the expectancy of a twin brother. A twin brother. Really? Or would Dr. Wilhelm Rolf had saved him? 

Days Of Our Lives: A Quick Flashback

Days of Our Lives Spoilers would like to remind the accidental death scene of Ted Laurent. Ted was struggling to take control of a gun. He recently knew that Kristen DiMera is pretending Nicole Walker and thus tried to gain a weapon to kill her. Meanwhile, Tony DiMera mediated, and misfortunately the bullet shot Ted in the chest, and he died. Tony DiMera unintentionally assassinated Ted Laurent. A terrible end.  

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers

There are so many questions arising with the rumors of Ted’s return. Is there a potential relationship between Hope and Ted? Diana Colville had seen Ted’s wife overseas. Do things connect somewhere? Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Days of Our Lives Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.

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