‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Thaao Penghlis and Leann Hunley’s Return

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers

It seems like the world of soaps is thriving with interesting returns. Speaking of that, Days Of Our Lives is ready to feature Thaao Penghlis and Leann Hunley back. Thaao recently made an appearance on the 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Soon after, he took to Instagram to make an important announcement. He was standing on the red carpet with Leann and posted the picture on Instagram with a caption that immediately got all DOOL fans worked up!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Thaao Penghlis Announces Return On Instagram

He thanks the fans on behalf of Leann and himself for the incredible support. He also mentioned that he had a great time celebrating all the nominations. Thaao announced that the fans will soon see them return on Days Of Our Lives in July. His last appearance on the show was in a dream sequence involving Marlena. He portrayed both Andre and Tony at the time. However, Leann hasn’t made an appearance on the show since February 2018.

Is Andre Returning Or Is Tony Still Alive?

The DiMera Nashville Warehouse has a room with the initials A.D. There can be a possibility that Dr. Rolf brought him back to life.  Besides Andre’s return, there is another explanation that can justify the return of the actor. In 2009, Tony had an accident and he passed away. At least that is what fans know now. But we all are aware of how people somehow just come back to live in the soap world. And when it comes to Days Of Our Lives, once presumed dead characters coming back is not a thing of surprise. If Tony does come back, once again, the soap will assure us that death is not permanent in their world!

The last time we saw Leann on screen, she was carrying an urn with Tony’s ashes. She was so in grief that she referred to the earn as Tony and continued to have conversations with him. Dr. Wilhelm Rolf is known for his ‘back to life’ serum. Chances are, he might have used it on Tony to bring him back. Even if that turns out to be true, there are going to be a lot of unanswered questions.

DOOL Spoilers: Imaginations Running Wild

The craziest possibility of all indicates that the actor might return as both Andre as well as Tony. Of course, some might think that this is taking it a little too far. But hasn’t such surprises happened before on DOOL? Meanwhile, the return of Leann might form a love triangle. Will she continue to rekindle her romance with Roman or will Tony’s return change the course of her entire storyline? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Most fans are looking forward to the return of the two legendary actors. Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Days of Our Lives Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.