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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the upcoming week suggest that almost all the characters are going to have their hands full. In every part of Salem, there is going to be inevitable chaos and someone is definitely going to take a trip to the hospital! Let’s dive into the details of DOOL spoilers for next week.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers for April 15-19, 2019

Monday, April 15

It seems like Ben and Ciara are far from a happily ever after ending. Ben invites Ciara to spend the night with him. They end up being intimate. However, the happiness is short-lived. The episode goes on only to feature Pastor Brown’s appearance with Kevin Gardner.

Tuesday, April 16

Sarah, Eric, and Rex have a weird situation going on. Just as Rex and Sarah decide on a wedding date, Eric offers something that will come as a shock to the viewers. Sahar still has strong feelings for Eric unless he brings Nicole Walker into the conversation. Lori Loughlin is also going to face charges on account of a college bribery case.

Wednesday, April 17

Chances are that Brady has spoiled any chances he had with Chloe. When she finds out that he has been lying to her all this while, she is going to be furious. The deception is too big to ignore, and it will bother Chloe for quite some time.

Thursday, April 18

A cartel member holds Gabi and Ciara as hostages. Chloe has made an enemy of a Cartel that pushes Ciara and Gabi into this hostage situation in the first place. The scene is speculated to be absolutely terrifying!

Friday, April 19

Hope, Ben, and Rafe are going to play heroes and try to rescue Ciara. Unfortunately, the situation won’t turn out to be heroic and will quickly lead to a heartbreaking tragedy. In the middle of all this chaos, Rafe will end up getting shot and rushed to the hospital. In the end, Ben and Hope are going to team up and rescue Ciara.

Some other DOOL spoilers indicate that Claire will try her level best to sabotage Hayley and Tripp’s wedding only to get her plan failed. However, the highlight of the evening will be when an unexpected guest appears at the wedding. Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Days of Our Lives Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.


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