‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Will Abby And Chad Find The Truth? Sarah To Persuade Chloe

Days of our Lives Spoilers
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Days of Our Lives Spoilers tease that the lives of Salem are finally having a sigh of relief and are enjoying a really good time. The time will be more good if Julie will be alright.

Julie’s Critical Condition

Julie was found injured on the floor and was not responding. Men who find Julie are not sure they can get her back to life. After seeing Julie injured, she was taken to the hospital in the emergency room. They tried everything to find her and did best for her. Hence, she is not dead, but it is to see will she be able to survive the situation or not! Once she is fine, she will tell everyone Gabi’s truth.

As we all know, Julie who already had suspicions on Gabi learned the truth from Gabi and came to know everything that Gabi did. Also, Julie got her hands on the paperwork and knew the truth about Abigail’s new born baby Charlotte. She was going to tell the truth to Chad and Abigail, the actual parents of the baby. The misunderstanding of Chad will get cleared that he is the birth father, not Stefan.

But, before revealing the truth, she got injured and now she is in a critical situation. Julie’s condition will give some more time to Gabi to work on her plan as if Abby and Chad find out the truth, Gabi’s entire plan will be ruined.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – Sarah Wants Right For Nicole’s Baby

Eric was protecting Sarah from herself and her anger she had when her fiance was found being the father of a baby of his ex. However, now Eric is done protecting her. She is now speaking up to make the things working for her. She thinks Eric is the man of her dreams. On the other side, Eric is not ready for Sarah right now. Eric wants to raise Nicole’s baby on his own, and it seems Sarah will persuade Chloe to help Eric raising Nicole’s baby. Sarah wants best for Holly, Nicole’s baby. In fact, Chloe was the one who was raising Holly when all thought Nicole was a danger to the baby.

Now, upcoming episodes will tell who the right person for Nicole’s baby is? Will it be Eric or Chloe? Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Days of Our Lives Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.


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