‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Will’s Diagnosis Results Are Finally Here!

Days of our lives spoilers

The fate of Will and Sonny has been a loose end since the time Will suddenly collapsed. For fans wondering what is wrong with Will’s health, they are in for a shock. Indeed, there is no good news in this regard. Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For Wednesday suggest that the result of Will’s diagnosis are finally here. Will and Sonny are going to learn what’s going on with Will and the reason behind his ill-health.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Will And Sonny’s Fresh Start Ruined

Just when the two love birds were about to start a happy life together, Will began to feel ill. Rex and Sarah are helping the duo figure out what is bothering Will. Ever since Leo cursed him, there has been something wrong with Will’s health. They didn’t want to believe that the hex was effective. But considering the recent events, it is a likely possibility.

The worst part about the reveal is that it is confirmed that the news is not going to go well with Will and Sonny. Obviously, they are going to be devastated by the test reports.

This is What Will’ Report Has To Say On DOOL

According to DOOL spoilers, Will is suffering from a brain tumor. After the cancer diagnosis, fans are left to morn as well as speculated the different possibilities likely to unfold in the upcoming episodes. Dr. Rolf’s serum might be the cause of Will’s ill-health. When Ben strangled him, Will died, and the serum brought him back to life. His memories weren’t entirely back, so he drank another shot. This lead to the rekindling of romance between him and his lover Sonny.

What Is Responsible For Will’s Deteriorating Condition On Days Of Our Lives?

Will could have either been affected by Leo’s hex or the serum could have caused a major side effect. No matter what’s the reason behind all the negativity in Sonny and Will’s life, it is going to be intense to watch the couple sort their way through this situation.

What’s Going On With Jennifer And Jack?

In the meantime, Jennifer is going to stop Jack from marrying Eve by pulling a trick Jack once used on her when she was marrying the wrong person. She took him away on his wedding day. He also has a flashback which gives a hope that he might gain his memory back after the amnesia Dr. Rolf’s serum gave him. Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Days of Our Lives Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.