Days of Our Lives Spoilers: What You Need to Know About Today’s Episode

Days of Our Lives Spoilers

The episode for the Thursday, October 5th of Days of Our Lives is going to be filled with a lot of emotional moments and interesting drama. “Days of Our Lives Spoilers” reveals that the news that Will (Chandler Massey) may still be alive will cause some serious emotional moments including looped in Will’s father after hearing the news. Due to the obvious reasons, Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) decides to not to attain Sonny’s wedding and therefore he was the only one who didn’t get the news that Will must be alive.

After the break up with Adrienne (Judi Evans), Lucas has been pretty messed up. This is also due to, as he never recovered completely after losing Will.  All of this which has happened to him will cause him to booze up and turn on Sonny (Freddie Smith). As Sonny is Will’s widower, she is also not doing very well but she is just trying to find happiness in the life once again.

Now when the news will hit Lucas about the possibility of his son to be alive it is still uncertain how he will take him. It was Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) who was considered to be Will’s killer but he was the one who revealed the news about Will being possibly alive. Hearing this news from Ben will again cause a dilemma for Lucas.

After the announcement about Will at the wedding, Sonny was completely broken. Not only that, Paul (Cristopher Sean) was also one of them being hurt by the news.Moreover “Days of Our Lives Spoilers” tease that things will get even worse as Justin (Wally Kurth) informs Paul and sonny about a legal issue they will have to deal with.

As we all have been feeling since a long time that Eli and Gabi are moving towards each other although it was shown that Eli was trying move past his for Gabi. In the end, the audience felt like there is still hope for them. As Eli and Gabi spend more and more time with each other, they finally share a kiss.

As Eric leaves the town, Brady accuses himself of the deed. He will not be able to look himself in the mirror. He already feels guilty and looking at the woman he loves makes his situation even worse. He boozes till the point his pains are numb.

Stay tuned for more Days Spoilers, Days of Our Lives airs on Weekdays on NBC Television Network.

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