‘Days Our Our Lives’ Spoilers: Wally Kurth To Return To DOOL With Plot Twists

Days Of Our Lives

There’s a piece of excellent news for every Days Of Our Lives fan out there! Spoilers reveal that Justin Kiriakis, played by Wally Kurth, is coming back to DOOL. Yes, you read that right! All set to make a re-entry on DOOL, Wally has signed a contract. With him back on the show, there are talks of introducing a big plot twist.

He made this announcement on Blog Talk Radio’s Daytime After Dark podcast. According to sources, the storyline is such that viewers will enjoy a lot of his stage presence and will have a plot twist to look forward to! But at the same time, Kurth will keep on playing Ned Quartermaine on General Hospital as well.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: What Kurth Is Saying About His Return?

Kurth made a comment stating that DOOL fans will be “seeing a lot of him” and his character will be in “full force.” It is sure that a drastic twist will overtake the storyline. Rumour has it that just after Halloween, fans will see a leap of one year in the residents of Salem.

According to Fame10, Wally Kurth has been a part of Days Of Our Lives a little longer than he has been a part of General Hospital.

Playing the character of Justin from 1987 to 1991, Justin fell in love and married the love of his life, Adrienne Jonshon, played by Judi Evans. Later on, the family moved out of Salem in 1991 along with their children, of course.

Kurth then took on General Hospital as Ned Ashton. He did end up changing his last name to his mother’s name Quartermaine in 1991.

Days Of Our Lives: Kurth Finally Back On DOOL After A Long Shuffling

Kurth stayed with GH until 2007 and then he left the soap to play the character of Sam Hutchins on As The World Turns. He was with them until 2008 and returned to DOOL as Justin (obviously) in 2009.

He’s always migrated between General Hospital and Days Of Our Lives since then. When finally announcing that he will be on DOOL on a contract.

Kurth also carried on with his music career over to GH in the 1990s as a musician called “Eddie Maine” while occasionally performing on DOOL.

Greatest Hits Of Kurth And Taylor Is On Amazon Now!

Did you know that his DOOL and GH star has his greatest hits on Amazon now? Wally has been making some musical appearances. He was accompanied by other GH actors like James Patrick Stuart who Valentin Cassadine.

He played on GH as himself and his alter ego “Eddi Maine” on many occasions. But we are yet to see if he will get to dabble with this musical side of his on DOOL or not!

Well, with the return of Justin Kiriakis to Days Of Our Lives on contract, we are yet to see how the big plot twist affects the other residents of Salem! It will in no time that the storyline changes and adapts to the latest reveal! Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Days of Our Lives Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.

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