Doug Davidson to leave The Young and The Restless

The star of the soap opera, ‘The Young and The Restless’, Doug Davidson is now leaving the show amidst the rumors of him getting fired. The reasons and specifications are unknown but Doug has confirmed that he will be leaving the show after the asked him on tweeter. He replies to the fans with a vague answer by saying, “it seems so.”

According to Davidson himself, he does not have the reason for him getting kicked out of the show. He stated that his contract was over earlier this year and was never renewed. In January, his contract was supposed to get renewed but it did not happen and he went recurring in the show till the point the showrunners had found new people for his replacement.

Doug Davidson was continuing to shoot for CBS until last month but after that, he has not received any dates for the shoot. Davidson says that he still has two more shows which have not aired yet. However, to his knowledge, he may be out of the show for good after that. “It feels as diminishing my role was the plan all along,” he said. “Which is their prerogative.”

He has made it very clear that his disappearance from the show is not because the show is getting into a different direction. He added to his statement that, although he had been working on the show for more than 40 years, CBS has not officially explained anything clearly to him expect about that they will not be renewing his contract on the show.

Doug Davidson has been working for ‘The Young and The Restless from 1978 and has earned five Daytime Emmy Award nomination for his role of Detective Paul on the show. The actor has won an award for outstanding lead actor in a drama series in 2013.